How to Drive Traffic to Your Website – 3 Methods

how to drive traffic to your website

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Driving traffic to a website that you create is a bit different from getting traffic to a commercial website. Paid traffic features as a big option for commercial websites because of the money available with them. A simple website is generally not with this kind of leverage for paid traffic. So in such a situation, how to drive traffic to your website?

The preferred method for simple site to get traffic for free. There are some tested ways to get free traffic, though a few of these methods will take unusually long time.

Given below are three easy ways that are answer to question of how to drive traffic to your website.

Traffic from search engines

The traffic from search engines is known as “organic” traffic because it is the best measure of the content quality present on your website.

The best way to drive traffic to your website from search engines is to keep publishing quality content on your website for a long period of time. It is also possible to get website rankings high by using SEO techniques but the fail safe answer to how to drive traffic to your website is high quality content.

In fact do learn the basic SEO rules like choosing keywords, optimize title tags of your articles, how to get backlinks etc. Once these fundamentals are in place, the focus of your attention should be regular updates on your website with quality content.

Cultivate partnerships with related sites

The second method of how to drive traffic to your website is by cultivating and nurturing partnerships with sites that are related to your website. For example some of the ways you can do the following things:

  • writing free content for related websites in exchange for a link to your website
  • interviewing the experts in the field and post on your website
  • giving away a free “getting started guide in your niche” to other website owners which they can give away free to their visitors. The guide will naturally have your name on it and link to your website.

These are only a few of the methods for getting in relationship with the other website owners related to your site for driving traffic to your website.

So the one question you should always be asking yourself when you come across a related website is: how can I work with this website in a mutually beneficial way?

Forums and Blog Commenting

And final and third method for how to drive traffic to your website is engaging on blogs and forums.

The days of using these blogs and forums for getting thousands of backlinks for SEO benefit are gone. However, these channels are still useful because real people are able to find you via these.

Once you have established yourself as an expert on these forums people will start getting to know you and they will start following your work. And these same people from forums will start to visit your website and will become repeat visitors if they like the content on your website. They might even link to your website and might refer their friends too.

These three methods of how to drive traffic to your website are easy in implementation and easy in understanding too.


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