How to Energize Your eBook Sales  

Online eBook sellers are seen to work quite hard to prepare a good presentation for a book that is trending at that time. In the beginning, it sells like hot cake, but after that, there are just a handful of buyers. The number of returns begins to rise, and you often hold your head and wonder what’s happening.

The data is without doubt very unique and strong, so what exactly should you be doing to give your sales an extra boost? You do not have to change the content. Instead, consider making some simple amendments to take your sales up the graph and bring your returns and refunds down.

One way to do so is to give away some free samples. You might have observed people giving out free samples of their products and attracting a huge crowd, and from that crowd comes quite a large number of buyers. Where everyone loves to have a free sample of things, you should consider giving away free samples of your eBook to potential buyers!

A good way to do so is to display a link that leads to viewers from your website to another webpage which allows them to go through a sample chapter without having to pay any charges. Get in touch with your online niche and circulate the link so that it spreads to every site, discussion group, and forum present online. If more viewers look into your samples, you will have a greater chance of converting more lookers into buyers.

Once you give away free samples, you will notice a considerable drop in the refund requests.  Your viewer will get a chance to see if they are going to like the information provided in the book and if they actually find it appealing. Let them have a free glance at the content table. If a buyer is well informed, he/she will be well satisfied as well.

Do not hesitate to promote the offer of a money back guarantee. A strong guarantee is likely to have a stronger impact on the viewers as compared to a refund policy. Insert a gold seal or a similar icon that represents a legitimate guarantee.

Safety is often a huge issue due to the ever increasing number of scams. Instead of writing merely that the order is secure, you might want to add a reference to a Secure SSL Server or any other suitable message that ensures legitimate security.

Add the ‘Order Now’ link at several places in the sales letter you prepare, and make sure you spread them throughout the page. You will be adding several reasons to why your eBook should be purchased, so after every reason or a bonus offer, don’t forget to insert the Order Now option!

If you prospect has to spend too much time looking for how to purchase your product, the level of their interest might fall. Capture their attention while their excitement is at the peak.

You can place an extra link in your eBook and name it ‘Check New Titles’. Be sure not to disrupt the reading by adding it at unsuitable pages, but be sure to add it on the introductory pages and the last page.

If you have proposed a title for your next eBook, be sure to use it in the link. The best time to promote another eBook by you is when a reader is having a great time with your current eBook. Your reader will be amazed at the ease and accessibility provided to them, and this will keep them attracted to you for quite a while.

At the end of your eBook, you might want to add a survey where you can ask your readers to review the eBook by answering some questions, after which they will become eligible for a free prize! Do not forget to add a link that leads directly to your review. Make sure your autoresponder is functioning without any glitches, so the reader gets their bonus prize immediately in an email sent to them with a note from your end.

The bonus gift basically acts as an incentive that persuades the readers to complete their surveys. With all the useful data collected from the readers, it becomes easier to design a more effective strategy for the next product. Even if you don’t find anything significantly important in the reviews, you will still be able to build a healthy and a positive relation with your clients. They’ll be glad to know that you’ve been giving significance to their past buyers along with the first chance to receive free information about your latest or upcoming products.


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