How to Enhance YouTube Privacy

youtube privacyWhen you are signed into your YouTube or Google account, a record of any video you view or search for is kept in your account. Those records can be cleared, however before now it was not possible to completely stop the logging. This is a serious privacy issue and required proper solution. This article presents how you can stop YouTube from logging the videos you view as well as your video searches and enhance YouTube privacy.

According to the Ghacks blog, through its reader Odio, you can reach the new options by going to this YouTube settings page. You will need to change two settings:

  • To stop the logging of your video searches, click “Pause Search History”
  • After that, click “History” in the menu located on the left and then click “Pause viewing history” which is a button at the upper part of the window. This will stop the logging of the YouTube videos you watch.

If at any time you wish to return to having a register of all your video searches as well as the videos you see on YouTube back, all you have to do is click on the resume buttons.

YouTube logo by Rego Korosi

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