How to Find Affiliate Partners

It’s not very difficult to find a place for your products within third party online marketplaces such as PayDotCom and ClickBank. These two are categorized as the most popular online platforms to sell your products. However, you should also start making efforts towards getting in touch with your clients through your personal platform which ensures safety, instead of waiting till they finally reach you via a product which you have placed on a third party online marketplace.

You should start off by providing a list of as many secure and well-known websites as you possibly can, where you see a chance of achieving success in your niche topic. Such sites include chat groups, discussion forums, and membership sites. Ensure that you haven’t missed the most popular social networking websites such as Squidoo, MySpace, Facebook, and many others.

Get involved in social conversations, ask relevant questions, and listen to what people have to say. Chances are that you might find ideas, comments, or recommendations for a product and a suitable website which you might be able to use.

Gather the information you get, and go to the websites that have been suggested, because they can turn out to be your affiliate partners in near future. If you fail to find any affiliate products on those websites, find a way to contact them and write or speak for an affiliation. Sometimes, the owner of such a site may be focusing on a particular niche, so the product affiliation wasn’t really considered initially.

Alternatively, the owner of the site may not be aware of the fact that affiliate sales has its perks. The only way to find out is to ask about it. Keep looking for sites that are related to your niche, and if you find a new one, propose for an affiliate sales opportunity.

While it is true that newer sites won’t attract much traffic in the initial periods, but as they grow with the passage of time, you’ll find your network growing as well. Request them for a shared email campaign, where you will be recommending their website if they agree to return the favor within their circle.

It has been observed that new marketers often avoid marketplaces that are highly successful, assuming that they’ll have no room for newbies. Remember that a well-established website has a huge number of followers and countless repeat visitors, so the owner will always be looking for methods that enable the visitors to give a vast exposure of the website. What you can do is offer a discount offer or a bonus for the owner of that site.

Look for the 5 strongest candidates in your niche and give their websites a thorough study. Look at what they have to sell and what promotional strategies they use in order to do so. Once you’ve carefully absorbed what you saw, get in touch with them and send them a proposal to add your product as an affiliate.

Do not hesitate to ask, and leave a positive impression by sending your product for a review. New marketers often do not contact the big fishes, thinking that they won’t consider adding any newcomers to the pond, but you should give it a try. Many newbies have been quite astonished at the positive outcomes of doing so!

Internet marketing bring most success to the people who keep their heads high with confidence, and straightforwardly go ahead to ask for a potential opportunity. Once you are provided a chance, present your best products and provide appreciable service to your customers so that they do not hesitate when it comes to sending more traffic to your website.


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