How To Fix Abrupt Computer Restarts

Developments in technologies have totally revolutionized personal computing experience for us. Although it remains a fact that along with solving many of our computing needs, every newer technology comes with problems of its own. For instance, Vista though among the latest in line, has many known and unknown issues.

It is quite annoying to experience abrupt restarts in between work, the annoyance further enhances if frequency of such abrupt reboots levitates to unacceptable levels. Lately a case has been observed, where an HP desktop system having Vista for OS, encountered consistent reboots. We should always keep our eyes open for all the possibilities causing such an issue, like malfunctioning hardware , incorrect drivers, faulty motherboard, or even a virus. It is advisable to have adequate information about hardware and softwares installed on the system for proper diagnosis.

In this case the reason came out to be the use of incompatible RAMs. In order to enjoy the optimum performance of system, the desktop was carrying 4 GB RAM, with the combination of two pairs of 1 GB and 520 MB RAMs, 4 RAMs in all. As expected the set of 1 GB RAMs was installed later. Now two different types of modules of RAM were not actually consistent with each other. RAM modules were struggling to work in harmony to each other, resulting in those abnormal and frequent restarts.

World has turned into a global village. Sharing your problems with others will increase chances of prompt resolution, as somewhere on planet, there is bound to be another soul encountering similar problem. Similarly sharing your solutions will also like karma cycle comeback someday to benefit you in your own problem.

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