How to Get Better Qualitative Feedback From Customers

You should strive to get as much feedback as can be possible from your customers. There are times when it is a bit difficult to ask for their feedback but most of the times you should. If you are without natural feedback, then you need to do something to get that essential feedback. Make use of the feedback to further improve your services and products. This can also be very useful in identifying the gaps that are there in your product offerings.

Follow Up Often – It is important to hear back from someone when they purchase your service or product and what they think of it. Most people will not give their feedback naturally unless they are really passionate about a product. Email is an excellent tool to follow up with the customers to get the feedback you want.

Send a Survey – Once a reasonable number of customers have purchased your product or service, a good way of finding out how they feel about the services or products is to send them a survey. Design the survey carefully, so that you get a lot of desirable information from customers.

Start a Forum for Customers – It can be either a Facebook group or a message board hosted by you. You can get a lot of detailed information by just observing how the customers are generally talking about your services and what they discuss among themselves.

Ask People to Comment on Your Blog – When you post on your blog, actively ask users about their feedback and how they are using the products or services. It is also a good idea to expand on certain important comments in the form of a new blog post or a video.

Ask for Product Reviews – Ask people for reviews if you are really after getting your products and services reviewed. Send them a link where they can review the product on your website or you can also send them a link to your LinkedIn business profile. For those customers who have their own blog or website, you can offer them to review in exchange for a link back to their website in exchange.

Run a Contest – Yes, it is a commonly used method which means running a contest to get to know more about what customers think about your services and products. Ask for a contest about blog posts or video reviews about your products or services. And there might be surprising things in store for you when they post these reviews in the contest.

Host Customer Only Google Hangouts – A Google hangout hosted by you only for customers is an excellent way to get to know more from your customers and get their feedback about what they like and what they do not like about your products. This sort of casual setting is more likely where customers will be feeling at east to air their considered views about your products and services. Always know that whatever feedback your customers give really counts.

Ask Customers How They Use Your Products – This is an excellent way of getting feedback which might generate some great ideas for you too. Ask your customers about how they use your product. You can actually learn new ways in which they are using your products and services which you yourself are not aware of.

The more information and feedback you can get from your customers, the better it is for your marketing efforts. Feedback is not going to always come naturally. Try to make it as easy as possible for your customers to give you feedback about the products and services. The best way is to send sohort survyes which are reasy to fill out, to the point. Also include some open ended questions too.

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