How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Website

how to get more twitter followersMany people, even experienced internet marketers, also ignore Twitter for the reason that in their opinion it is not worthwhile to get engaged on a social network where there is a strict limit of 140 characters for sharing your thoughts. And this is a 140 characters limit and not 140 words mind you. But those who know how to get more twitter followers and using its traffic think otherwise.

The main key is how to get more Twitter followers by using it in a more effective manner because Twitter is a viral social network where millions of people are engaged on a regular basis for consuming and sharing information. So if you are neglecting Twitter followers because you are not comfortable in grasping its inner secrets, it is not a right excuse.

The first thing to do is to register on Twitter using your site or business name and complete the profile. It is permissible to have more than one Twitter accounts but you will need a separate email address for each account. However, it is important that you start with a single account because it will be too overwhelming to manage multiple accounts in the start. And in fact, if you learn how to get more Twitter followers successfully for your website, this might eventually be the only account you will need in the end.

When you complete your profile on Twitter, ensure that you use your real image on the profile as a background image for your Twitter profile. In fact, you can head over to Fiverr to people who specialize in creating Twitter profiles that look professional. You can order on Fiverr to get your Twitter profile created with the colors of your choice and ensure that you also include the URL of your website on the profile.

If you are in the niche of creating information products, it is also possible to add ecover images of your info products in the header or background of your profile.

Next is the time to start your journey on Twitter by searching for people that you will follow and start interacting with your competitors which might well be your JV partners in future. You can follow a strategy of mixing up posts on your Twitter account and also by sharing promotions and personalized items back on your blog.

Another important aspect of how to get more Twitter followers for your website is to Retweet any content that you come across which is worth sharing with your audience on Twitter. In most of the cases your Retweeting will get reciprocated and others will also share your content with their audience and followers on Twitter.

Another thing worth remembering in how to get more Twitter followers is linking your blog with your Twitter activity. Whenever you post a new content on your blog, you must share the post URL with a small commentary of your own. It is also a good idea to use a hashtag so that it becomes findable in search. However, it is absolutely not recommended to fill your Twitter post with too many hashtags because it will be very annoying for your followers.

It is also advisable to share images and videos on Twitter too because now your followers will be able to see those images and videos right in their Twitter stream.

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