How to Get Returning Visitors for Website

websiteA lot many successful websites depend heavily on the repeat visitors also called returning visitors for traffic. It is also a lot more likely to convert returning visitors into customers because the more frequently a visitor visits a website, more trust is established between him and website. The follows tips will help you get more visitors than keep coming back to your website.

1. Start a Chatroom, Forum or Shoutbox

By providing a chatroom or similar set up you are giving your site visitors a platform to interact with their peers – the other visitors to the same website. With conversations building up, a community sense will be developed in the minds of visitors who will almost daily visit your website as repeat visitors.

2. Start a Blog

Start a blog on your website and add fresh content and news to it by regularly updating blog. All humans are curious by nature and they will keep visiting your website again and again if you could offer them fresh news and content for their consumption. This will also mean that you will establish credibility because your visitors will understand that their is a real life person behind running your website.

3. Run Polls or Surveys

Running surveys and polls are other forms of interacting with your visitors and you should give a serious thought to this. This is a method of getting visitors involved with your website and gain their quick opinion. However ensure that these surveys and polls are related to the main content and subject of the website to keep your audience interested in the results.

4. Hold Quizzes, Puzzles and Games

Think of how many people are bored at their offices and procrastinate and you will surely try to add something entertaining to your website for getting their interest. By holding regular competitions you can get people interested in efforts to win prize and visiting your website as returning visitors.

5. Update Regularly With Fresh Content

By updating your website regularly with ever fresh content, your visitors will always have something fresh to read on your website. This is a tested and most widely applied method of getting returning visitors. However, it is also the least used method of gaining repeat visitors because of laziness of website administrators. It is natural that no one will be interested in visiting a stagnant website. Therefore, keep adding new and fresh content and keep getting returning visitors.

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