How to Get Traffic to Your Website

how to get traffic to your websiteOne of the most often heard complaints from internet marketers is lack of traffic. If you are an internet marketer, you must also be looking for ways of how to get traffic to your website. You are not alone in this. There are many others who have lost traffic over the last year or so and are looking for ideas to generate traffic to their website.

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the most tested methods of generating traffic. Some of these methods are not short term but a few of these will surprise you with instant results.

Write Long Tail Keywords Posts

Due to very high competition, it is recommended that you write your posts around long tail keywords. Also remember to include all the relevant keywords in your posts.

Optimize Existing Posts

Go through existing posts on your websites and ensure that they have keyword specific title tag, meta description and suitable keywords density (between 1-2%).

Update Your Site Frequently

Generally if you post 6 articles a week, you can see an increase in traffic of about 18 percent. This traffic increase is scalable in most cases. Try different update frequency and find out the most optimum for your site or blog.

Post on Reddit

Reddit is a gold mine of traffic. Therefore, keep posting your content on Reddit. Sometimes you will get explosive traffic from Reddit.

Create a YouTube Channel

Of all the social media sites, YouTube sends the most targeted and engaged traffic. Therefore, have a YouTube channel for your website.

Get Social Media Presence

Create pages on Facebook and Google Plus. Most of the people spends considerable time on social media and this is an ideal place to get traffic to your website.

Post on StumbleUpon

Another sure way of how to get traffic to your website is by submitting posts to StumbleUpon.

Build Email List

One of the best steps you can take for getting traffic to your website on a consistent basis is building your email list and updating your email readers with latest post from your website.



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