How to Have Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

Whether you are just leaving the house or out traveling, there is always the one thing that keeps on nagging, Wi-Fi. We might not have the Wi-Fi cloud covering the entire planet yet; still there are ways you can get free Wi-Fi almost everywhere. Follow the methods listed below to find free Wi-Fi.

9.) Know Which Businesses and Hotels Have Wi-Fi

 Lots of different businesses have free Wi-Fi now days, even some big chains like McDonalds. Know and remember which one offers free Wi-Fi. Look around and you will be surprised to find that a lot of people offer free Wi-Fi.

8.) Using Hotspot Database

If you can’t find any locations near you, you can always look at the hotspot database like WeFi, ( They offer a large list of over 100 million hotspot locations around the world. You can also download their app on to your Android mobile or iPhone.

7.) Look for Hidden Networks

If you are not near any hotspot location stated online, that does not mean you can’t find one for yourself. There are lots of different apps out there that can help you find free and hidden Wi-Fi networks. Electronic stores are mostly likely to have free Wi-Fi network as a Wi-Fi network is needed by their display units. You can also find free Wi-Fi network on an airport lounge. With a little effort you can find all the hidden networks.


6.) Browsing the Right Web Sites

This method will not get you full access to the internet word but if you just want to pass your time by browsing the web, you can check the local yet paid hotspots for free sites. Like Delta Airlines, they offer limited yet free access to sites like People magazine, Amazon and Wall Street Journal. This method will not help you in checking your email but it can surely help you pass your time.

5.) Signing up for the Loyalty System

Some hotels and businesses will give you free Wi-Fi access if you participate in their loyalty system. This is quite a good deal as most loyalty systems are free but make sure you have a proper spam filter installed, so you don’t have to deal with all the newsletters they send you.

4.) Finding Coupon Codes

You can stack up some coupons codes and keep them for when you require Wi-Fi access on the move. Web sites like the Retail Me Not are good for finding different vouchers and deals offers by different hotspot companies. For example, you will often find the GoGo deal offered by Gadling. Sometimes following a company on a social network like Twitter can score you some of the coupons. In big places like an airport, you might be able to find the codes at a nearby shop.

3.) Getting Around Time Limit by MAC Spoofing

Sometimes you will find a free Wi-Fi network but it might have a time limiter installed on it. So it’s mostly like that you would have to find a different hotspot but with simple MAC spoofing you can extend the time limit. You can either spoof a different MAC address or if you are really good and sneaky, you can always spoof the MAC address of someone with unlimited time access.

2.) Getting Wi-Fi Network Form Your Cable Provider

You may not know this but when you subscribe to a cable net at home, you might have access to other Wi-Fi hotspot networks around town. If you are living in a big city, you could even get free access to hotspots networks from other cable net providers too. you should also check the web site of your cable net provider for the map of hotspots around town or if they have a mobile app, you should download that.

1.) Tethering Your Smart Phone

If you own a smart phone, you can always tether your connection to your Pc. For tethering your iPhone, you would have to jailbreak it, if you own an Android you would have to root for Wi-Fi tethering. The good thing about tethering is, that it will work almost everywhere, so once you have prepared your smart phone, you won’t be without internet, ever. 

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