How to Host a Website for the First Time

how to host a websiteAfter making your own website, you need to find a hosting for it because if your website files are not uploaded to a web server that is connected to internet all the time, people will not be able to view your website. However, it is not something that should keep you worries. How to host a website has very easy answer.

Following are the things which you need to do to host your website with a web hosting company.

First of all you need to find web hosting. You should keep these things in mind when finding web hosting because a wrong decision regarding your hosting and your website will not perform well. We have even suggested some of the best web hosting services that are tested and work perfect. You may want to give a try to any of these.

Once you have got your web hosting, you will get an email from the hosting provider with details about how to access your web hosting. Normally it will contain your cPanel details, FTP details and nameservers to use with hosting.

Now you need to create your website. There are two methods. Either you can upload your website to the webserver by using the FTP or if you want to use WordPress for your website, then you can go on and install WordPress from the one click installer provided in the hosting control panel. Needless to mention that you must buy web hosting that supports one click installation of popular services.

The next step in how to host a website is to change the nameservers of your domain to the ones provided by the web hosting company. You need to just log in to your domain account and change the nameservers. You can follow our earlier tutorial on how to change nameservers. Once nameservers are changed, and your website is uploaded to the hosting server, your website will be ready for viewing by users. However, keep in mind that propagation of nameservers take some time, sometimes up to 48 hours. But generally this happens within a few hours.

For uploading your website via FTP, especially if it is a static website, you may use any FTP programme like WinSCP. Now that you know how to host a website, you should start buying web hosting and making your first website live right now. It is as easy as 123 now.

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