How to Install Whatsapp on Windows Computer

There is no doubt about the fact that Whatsapp is a great app when it comes to texting on smartphones without any charges. The best thing about whatsapp is that it is available for almost all smartphones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia and Symbian. This cross platform support makes it one of the most used and installed text app. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that whatspp has seen almost 2 million downloads on Google Play. However, sadly it is not available for Windows and therefore people who want to use Whatsapp on computer are at a loss.

But there is a way around this and you can use Whatsapp on Windows computer. Here is what you need to do to use whatsapp on windows computer. Follow this step by step guide and enjoy it on Windows;

  1. First of all download and install Bluestacks Android app player from here.
  2. Once you have installed Bludstacks, fire it up and click on the messaging tab at the top.


3. Here you will find WhatsApp. Click on it and install. It might take some tries before you actually get to install it. But it will eventually get installed.

4. Now fill in the details that the Whatsapp requires, the most critical of this is your cellphone number. Fill in that number and when you are done, whatsapp will send a verification text to the number you gave. But the text will remain unverified. When it says finally that it has failed, avail the call phone option. Whatsapp will call on the phone number you gave in the earlier step and the automated voice will give you the verification code.

5. Fill in the verification code in the whatsapp on your windows computer within Bluestacks. And your phone number will stand verified.


6. Next add contacts that you want to text with and enjoy Whatsapp on Windows.

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