How To Keep Your Facebook Shares Private

We keep on sharing personal information on Facebook without giving a thought to the privacy issues. Facebook has increasingly been criticized for its privacy problems. The photos or data you share on Facebook is most of the times also viewed by the people who are on your friends list but are not the intended audience for the shared pictures or other information. With this simple tip , we will show you how to keep your Facebook shares private.

Whenever you are sharing something  , also click on the lock below the sharing area. Here you can choose basic settings on who will be viewing the information you are sharing. You can choose one of the three options ( Frieds , Friends of Friends or Everyone ).

You can further customize the intended recipeients by clicking on customize and choosing the exact persons you want to share your data with. If you want to make your selected setting as default setting for Facebook you can tick the” Make this my default setting box ” and hit Save Setting.

In this tip we have learned how to keep your Facebook shares private and we hope that you can control the privacy of your Facebook account in a better way.

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