How to Make a Responsive Website

how to make a responsive websiteHave you seen some websites messing their display when seen on mobile devices? This is because of the non responsive structure of these websites. We clearly understand that we have already shifted into a mobile era and a lot many people access websites on their mobile devices like tablets and mobiles. You can not leave these visitors unattended when designing a website because you will be losing visitors if you do not address their requirements. The answer is simple: having a responsive website. You must be wondering how to make a responsive website?

Making a website responsive means changing its code which tells it to intelligently adjust its display depending on the screen size. It looks like a very difficult task. But if you have a WordPress website, then it is a piece of cake. You will not spending hours figuring out how to make a responsive website. Given below are following two methods which can make a responsive website.

Using Responsive WordPress Theme

The easiest way to make a responsive website is by changing your WordPress theme to a responsive theme. Most of the modern premium wordpress themes are responsive by default which means you just have to change the WordPress theme and your website will become responsive. If you think that only premium paid WordPress themes are responsive then you are incorrect. A lot many free WordPress themes are also responsive. So all WordPress website owners have no excuse to not having a responsive site. Hunt for your favorite responsive WordPress theme and make your website look beautiful regardless of the screen size.

Using Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is a plugin from WordPress itself with different modules. One of the modules that is very useful is making your website mobile friendly which in other words means making your website responsive. So if you can not figure out which WordPress responsive theme best suits your site, you can keep using your existing WordPress theme and just install Jetpack plugin from WordPress. And then activate Mobile Theme in the settings of Jetpack. With one click you will make a responsive website without any effort.

Now that you know how to make a responsive website, it is time to put this into action and turn your website into a responsive one.

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