There are countless stories of people making big on internet and a lot of people get motivated to start their own business after hearing these stories. And this dawns to these aspiring internet marketers very early that the first thing you need to get an idea about is how to make a website. Because once you create a website, only then you will formally start your journey towards becoming rich using internet. But the mere thought of how to make a website puts many people off and they stop their internet riches journey without taking even the first step.

Most of the beginners are of the idea that making a website is something really tough and because they do not have any idea about web design they think that they can not move ahead and make their own website. However, it is not that complex a thing now because with the kind of software tools available now it is now really easy to learn how to make a website.

This tutorial is for those who have absolutely no idea about making websites and want to learn how to make a website on their own without paying huge money to web developers. By following this tutorial you will be able to have your own web presence in the form of your own website in under 30 minutes. But for first timers it is not something that means a lot because learning is more important than the time you will take to make your own website.

[su_box title=”Free Website Offer” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#f20b0c”]This is the simplest tutorial you can get to create your own website. However, if you still will feel overwhelmed to learn how to make a website, then you can just contact me and i will create your website free of charge if you have bought a domain and hosting from using link given below. [/su_box]

What Your Will Need

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  • Credit Card
  • 30 minutes of your time
  • internet


Steps:[su_button url=”” style=”stroked” size=”4″] Step 1:Buying Domain[/su_button] | [su_button url=”” style=”stroked” background=”#2def2d” size=”4″]Step 2:Buying Hosting [/su_button]| [su_button url=”” style=”stroked” background=”#ef2d7c” size=”4″]Step 3:Changing Nameservers[/su_button] | [su_button url=”” style=”stroked” background=”#1ac44d” size=”4″]Step 4:Installing WordPress[/su_button]

Step 1 : Buying Domain Name

First of all you need to have a domain name for your website. This is the address ( of your website on internet. All the websites on the internet have a unique name which is called domain name. For buying domain name i will recommend GoDaddy because of excellent service and very easy to set up DNS which we will need to use to point our domain to our hosting ( which we will buy in next step).

Click on and you will see the following where you can search for your desired domain name:


If the domain name will be available you will get a message similar to below or you will have to search again for some other available domain name. Click on Select button here.



On the next screen click on Continue to Cart.





Now you can review your order. By default GoDaddy selects a 5 year term for domain purchase but you can change it to one year term.



When you will hit Proceed to checkout button, you will get to the screen where you will need to enter your payment terms. Since i am already a customer at GoDaddy, therefore my details are already filled in but you will need to fill in those details if you will be buying a domain for the first time.

place your order


Click on Place your Order button and your domain purchase is complete.



With this the first step of how to make a website is completed.

Step 2: Buying Web Hosting

Next step in how to make a website is to buy web hosting. If you are not familiar with what is web hosting then this is perfectly normal. Web Hosting is simply a service that provides you with space and processing on its Web Server which will host your website content so that it is available 24 hours on internet. Web Servers are high powered computers that are connected to internet all the time with high bandwidth. You will place your website files on one such computer with a web hosting company. The following things must be kept in mind before web host:

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  • Web host has to be reliable which means that it should have been in the business for sufficient time (ideally for two or more years)
  • The web host should have excellent up-time. A good host will guarantee 99.9 percent uptime because downtime of your website will affect your business.
  • The web host should offer one click WordPress installation which we will do in the next step. WordPress is the website creation software which is used by millionaires on internet.
  • Support should be excellent so that when something goes wrong with your website, you have experts to bank upon.
  • The web host should have easy to use control panel like cPanel


I have experimented with many different web hosting companies and have found WebHostingHub to be excellent according to the above critera i judge a host against. So you can buy web hosting from WebHostingHub with confidence.

Step 3: Change Name Servers

Once you have purchased web hosting, the next you need to change the nameservers according to those provided by WebHostingHub in the welcome email you got after buying web hosting. You can change nameservers by using the follwoing steps on GoDaddy:

Once logged in you will see the following screen. Click on + at the side of Domains



All the domains under your account will be listed. I have more domains. Your account will have the only domain you purchased recently.



Click on Launch button next to your domain and the all details about your domain will open. Click on Manage under Nameservers.




The nameserver settings screen will open.



Select the Custom Radio on this screen and the following screen will open. Click on Enter Custom Nameservers.




The next screen will open two fields for entering the nameservers provided by WebHostingHub. After this click on OK.



Step 4: Install WordPress

The real benefit of buying hosting from WebHostingHub for beginners is their one click WordPress Installer which even a child can use to make a website.

Login in to your hosting account with WebHostingHub by typing in your internet browser. The cPanel screen will open where you need to enter the username and password of your hosting account.


One you have authenticated you will see the cPanel Dashboard where you will need to find Softaculous which is the software for installing WordPress with one click. Click on Softaculous and then also click on WordPress on the left side.


The next screen will take you to wordpress installation screen. Click on Install here.




A detailed form will open. Enter all the required details about your website here which include the following:

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  • The domain at which you will install your wordpress. In your case if it will be single domain that that would already have been selected.
  • Directory field should be left blank unless you know what you mean by installing wordpress into a sub-directory.
  • Database name and table prefix will be already populated by Softaculous. Leave these without modification.
  • Also write the name and description of your website.
  • Change the username from Admin to something else because admin username is the first target of hacking. Password may be left as it is.
  • Enter your working email address in the required field.
  • After this hit on Install and after a few seconds you would have already made your own website.







Now you can go to your domain and see your website on the web. However, since you have not added any content yet, it will not be without it. But you have learned how to make a website quickly and easily. Our next step is to add content to this website.

You can logon to dashboard of your website by going to and entering your wordpress username and password that we created in Step above. Once inside your dashboard, you can click on Posts>Add New and start entering content to your website that you have just created.