How to Make an Impact with Short Blog Posts

It is generally believed that short blog posts are much better than short blog posts. But this is hardly true – provided you are fully aware of how to create an impact with short blog posts. Because the truth is that content is what matters and not the length of the content. Short blog posts which range from 300 to 500 words are there for a purpose too. Therefore, the best strategy is to include both long and short posts. Once you master the technique of writing short posts with impact, the benefits will all follow.

Compelling Headline

You already know this truth. Most of the time you will click to read a blog post or any other thing on internet based on the headline of the article. The headline should clearly convey what the reader can expect in the content without getting tricky or absurd. Tell in the headline what you are going to tell in detail for best impact.

Be Concise

A short blog post that has already removed all the full is surely going to make a huge impact because it restricts itself to the subject and point at hand. As a writer, you can easily catch and retain attention of the reader with a short blog post that focuses on one point. Short blog posts can be made further impactful by good editing.


The method of reading online is a bit different from what people follow to read on paper. People always start reading from left to write on paper. However, in case of online reading, people are used to scanning from top to bottom while scanning at the left side of the page. You can guide your reader effectively by using headlines, bullets and attention-catching headlines.

Focus on Topic

A short blog post generally has to have one laser focused topic with a single main point. For example, you may write a post titled “The most important element for XYZ” in stead of writing something like “Six reasons for success of XYZ”.

Reader Engagement

Always encourage your reader to comment. The impact can be further enhanced by engaging your readers after you have published  your one topic blog post. This can even take the short blog post higher than the longer post in terms of activity and shareability.

Add relevant Images

You can further improve the chances of your short blog post being shared if you include relevant, high quality images in your blog post. A well written and high quality short blog post having the right image can go on to create a huge impact. We already know an image is worth a thousand words.

Follow Good Copywriting Techniques

One of the most important things to remember for good copyrighting is to be clear that verbs are way more important than nouns. Actionable content always produces better results. Most website owners do not have copywriting in mind when creating a short blog post. But this is imperative if you really want to have an impact.

Know the Audience

What is the platform that your audience is mostly likely using to access your content? What are the ways which you can use to customize your existing and future content to ensure that it is according to the wants, needs and preferences of your audience. What is that your audience is looking for and what it wants to know? Any way you can ensure right answers to these questions, you are going to improve the impact that your short blog post is going to create.

The time required for writing short blog posts is also less than required for longer blog posts. They do not need to keep the readers attention glued to them because they are focusing on a single topic at a time. Keep your short blog post focused to a minute topic which is important for your audience. And a shorter post is more likely to have been written better because of the attention that requires to be paid to the longer post to rid it of unwanted words and remaining sticking to the point.

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