How to Make Email Marketing Personal

With so many technical options present at your disposal, it has become very easy to generate personalized emails by the autoresponder and make it look absolutely real! Since most buyers are not quite aware of an autoresponder, be sure to give them an impression that you’ve personally created each and every email individually for every buyer!

In the beginning of each response, add the name of a good fellow and amend the tone to sound as if you’re talking to that friend. Once you’re done with this, replace the friend’s name and tell your autoresponder to add the name of the customer instead.

In addition to personalizing your emails, you can also give personalized beginnings in your ezine as well! Here, you have to use the name provided to you by the prospect; it will be mentioned in the form.

Internet marketers have often been seen making a very common mistake, which is, using the name of the prospect way too much during the email just because it’s easier to do so electronically. To avoid such a mistake, read your message aloud and see if it sounds natural to you.

It often sounds a bit phony if a name is over-used in an email. People do love to be called by their names, but using their name too many times can give them a clear impression of fakeness and you may be reported as a spam.

Do not let the spell check option fool you. While inserting the names into your autoreponder list, be extremely careful not to misspell them just because your electronic dictionary has a different spelling than that provided by the client. Do not change a name if it has been added to the list automatically, because some people deliberately spell their names differently.

For example, let us consider the names Teresa and Theresa. They are basically the same name, except for a slight change in their spelling. Use the spelling which your prospect demands for. After adding everything, skin through the names again to ensure that their names haven’t been changed during the eventual spell check.

To make sure you do not mistakenly regard to people by their marital statuses, avoid using salutations such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss. Avoid making guesses because you might end up being wrong than right.

You might think that phrases like ‘Dear Internet Marketing Colleague’ or ‘Dear Friend’ sound a bit too informal, but you’ll at least have a sense of satisfaction that these words won’t offend the receivers of your email.

While asking for their order, be sure to use their names. While you are on the final stages of developing your conversation, be very formal. Being informal with the thought of sounding ‘cool’ and attracting more people with your natural tone can often drive them away instead of attracting them to you, since business conversations are supposed to be strictly formal.

Be sure to keep it very personal to please your client, and remember that your formal tone is going to matter a lot in your effort to catch potential clients. Most important of all? Keep in touch regularly with your customers to ensure that you do business with them in the future instead of making just a single sale to them.


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