How to make money online with Newsletters

All of us have heard of how internet can be a money minting medium. But very few know the ways and means isabella john chow book2photo © 2010 isabella mori | more info (via: Wylio)of making money online. There are many scams and false guides of making money online but most of them are either ineffective methods or they are black hat techniques which soon get busted and you end up loosing money instead of making money. I have decided to write a series of articles on how you can genuinely make money online with a real world effort using your own area of expertise. As in real life , there is no  short cut . But if you try to make money selling your expertise online , you are most likely to succeed if you work hard and know your work.

In todays tutorial , i am going to introduce you to the first method of making money online which actually will involving selling your expertise online . This will not require any technical skills or huge initial investment. The first method that i am going to introduce is that you can be an online entrepreneur by writing newsletters. These are of high value in reaching out to your customers , publishing news about your products, any discount offers that you might be offering or for publishing any value added content that might be of interest to your customers. You might already be doing this for your business and writing newsletters but there is money you can make by publishing your paid newsletter. Regardless of the area of your business , you might be having an expertise which people might be willing to buy through paid newsletters. Here are a a few examples:

  1. If you have a restaurant or you have expertise in cooking , you might start a paid monthly newsletter which publishes seasonal cooking recipes.
  2. If you are a fitness professional or run your own gym , you might publish a paid newsletter with health or fitness tips or guides for remaining healthy.

Publishing a paid newsletter will not be a big issue. So if you want to make money online with paid newsletters visit many online services which will help you publish your paid newsletter in no time. Two of such famous services are TinyLetter and Letter.Ly which help you in this.

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