Learn How to Make Your Own Website in 3 Minutes for Dummies

Stories of internet millionaires must have inspired you and you are also thinking of starting your own business. And the first thing that will have come to your mind is how to make your own website? Because creating a website is the absolute essential and the first step towards becoming an internet millionaire. But the thought of how to create a website puts many people away from taking action. 

Most of the newbies think that it is not easy to make a website and perhaps they have in their mind that since they are totally dummies as far as web design is concerned, therefore, they are handicapped to go ahead. However, let me make it very clear right at the outset that with the kinds of tools and software these days, it is very easy to create a website even for those who have absolutely no technical knowledge. And i assure you that learning how to build a website should not take more than 3 minutes, discounting that you are coming from a non technical background. 

Pre-requisites to Make your Own Website

These three things are not included in the 3 minutes installation because these involve you buying a domain and hosting. But these pre-requsites are essential for how to start a website. 

  • The first requirement is to buy a domain name. It is your URL/address on the internet. Every website on internet has a unique URL. You can buy domain name of your choice from GoDaddy.com. ( This should not cost you more than $12). 
  • The next step to make your own website is to buy Web Hosting. This is a service provided by different companies who have computer ( called web servers) running 24 hours day. You will host your website there so that it is available to all the world at all the times. While buying hosting, you need to be mindful of a few things:
    • The web hosting company is reliable. ( has been in business for more than two years at least)
    • It has great uptime guarantee ( 99.9 percent because downtime will affect your business and website reputation)
    • It offers one click installation of WordPress, the blogging platform of choice by almost all the internet millionaires. 
    • It has excellent support so that you are not left alone in the dark when looking for some help. 
    • The web hosting company has easy to use graphical control panel for managing your account. 

I have used many different hosting companies and one of my recommend host is WebHostingHub. You can buy web hosting from WebHostingHub by clicking here on my recommendation. 

  • Once you have got your hosting account details which will be emailed to you, the next step is to change the nameservers of your domain to those provided by your web host. A detailed guide for changing nameservers is given below. But of course you can open a ticket with GoDaddy and request them to change nameservers. But i am sure you will be able to do it yourself. 

How to Make Your Own Website Steps

After you have completed these three pre-requisites of how to make your own website, the next thing to do is to login to your hosting control panel at WebHostingHub by typing yourdomain.com/cpanel in your browser. You will be presented with this screen. Just enter the login details that you received  in email. 


Once inside your cPanel Dashboard, look for Softaculous. This is one script installer which can be used to install many softwares and WordPress is one of these. Click on Softaculous and then go ahead and click on WordPress in the left hand bar. 




On the next screen click on install from top menu. 


Now enter details in the next page which include the following:

  • at which domain you want to install wordpress. If you had only one domain, it will already be selected. 
  • leave the directory field blank unless you want to install WordPress into a sub directory and not in the root of your webstie. 
  • leave database name and table prefix as it is populated by Softaculous. 
  • Enter Your Site’s name and description in these two fields. 
  • In the admin account fields change the username from Admin to something else because else you will be favorite target of hackers. Leave the admin password as populated by Softaculous. Also enter your working email because the email address populated by Softaculous may not yet exist. 
  • Also fill in your email address at which you will want the installation details( username, password etc and how to access your website) to be emailed. 
  • Finally hit install. This is the final step in how to design a website. It will take a few seconds and on the next page you will get success notification of installation and also details about how to access your website. 



wordpress-setup2 wordpresssuccess



WordPress is the easiest free website builder and Softaculous is the easiest possible way of how to build your own website. So it is time to take action. Because without taking your first step you will never be able to create your own website and join other internet millionaires. All of them went this path of learning how to make your own website because without knowing how to make a website, you will remain handicapped and tied to your 9-5 grinding jobs. 


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