How to Merge Two Categories in WordPress

When you start out blogging, you are mostly swimming in uncharted waters. You are not mostly sure of the categories you would be focusing on and as your blog evolves, you feel the need of deleting certain categories. The best way to do is to merge the unwanted wordrpess category into another category you would be retaining. At first it appears to be very difficult to merge two wordpress categories but as a matter of fact it is very simple. WordPress is a very friendly blogging platform and it is not difficult at all to merge two WordPress categories.

First of all identify the category you want to delete or merge. As a second step also identify the category in which you will be merging the unwanted category. Now is the time to act. Go to the button in your dashboard titled ‘All Posts’ and click on it. Next you select the category which you want to merge and press the Filter button as shown in the image below.


You will see all the posts listed in that category. If there are a large number of posts, you can go to screen options and select the number of posts to be shown equal to the posts in that category.


Now you when all the posts in the category are visible, click on the ‘Title’ button and select ‘Edit’ from the drop down menu and press the ‘Apply’ button.




You will see that all the posts in that category are selected and in the second column you would see all the categories listed. Select the category from here in which you want to merge the posts of the existing category and press ‘Update’ button.


Now for the final step, click on the Categories button in your Dashboard and delete the category whose posts you have just merged in the other category. You will see that the posts of the deleted category have been shifted to the other category. These little steps will help you easily merge two or more WordPress categories.

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