How to Merge Two WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a great platform and it is really easy to set up WordPress blogs. However, this ease often leads a blogger to create many blogs because setting up a WordPress based website does not take a lot of effort. The end result is that the blogger loses focus and ends up with many WordPress blogs which he finds difficult to maintain. One of the solutions to such a situation is to merge two WordPress blogs so that you can achieve economies of scale and concentrate all your blogging energies on a single blog. It is advisable if you are finding it a bit struggling to make your mark on the blogosphere.

The question arises that how easy it is to merge two WordPress blogs. The answer is , not very difficult. That is the beauty of wordpress that it offers solution for everything. And merging two WordPress blogs is no exception. Here is how you can achieve this.

First of all login to the WordPress blog you want to merge with another WordPress blog. You will need to login as administrator. Once you are in the dashboard of that blog, go to Tools>Export . In the window that opens, select what part of the blog you want to merge with the other blog. Either the whole of the content or just posts or pages. Normally i would just select posts but the requirement might be different for you. Once you have selected what to export, click on Download Expert File button. An eXtended RSS (WXR) file will be saved to your computer. Note the location where the file is saved.


Next login to the WordPress blog where the export file will be merged. Again login here as administrator. Here you will click on Tools>Import and the following side window shall open.



When you will click on WordPress in this Window, you will be asked to installed the Word-press importer plugin. Install the WordPress Importer Plugin. Once installed click on Activate and Run Importer. You will be asked to select the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file that you had saved from the other blog. Once the file is imported you will be given the option to also import the attachments associated with the imported posts. If you select this option also, all the images and other attachments will also be imported to the new blog.


After you have successfully imported the posts from the other WordPress blog, you can see and merge if any duplicate categories are also imported.

This is how you can easily merge two WordPress blogs with ease. Please let us know how your efforts to merge two WordPress blogs went ahead.

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