How to Monetize Your Website for Earning Money

how to monetize a websiteOnce you have created your website and it starts getting visitors, the next task which you will need to do is to monetize this traffic. This means you will look for methods to get money from the traffic to your website because that is what is the ultimate objective of most websites is: how to make money. Given below are various methods which can used to monetize your website. However, there are different factors which will influence your decision of choosing any of these methods. Some of the factors that can affect your decision are subject of website, content on the website, nature of website traffic and third parties willing to join hands with you.


This is the method which is used by most of the new publishers because it is easiest of these methods and can be used immediately. Basically you enter into agreement with third parties which display ads on your web pages and when users see those ads or click on these ads, you get a portion of the revenue. Google Adsense is the most vivid example of this type of website monetization method.

Affiliate Marketing

The second most widely used method is affiliate marketing which means you will promote different products or services on your website and when any sale is made, you share a portion of the sale proceeds. One such affiliate marketing example is promoting Amazon products on your website.

Email List

This is a two step process and takes some time. In the first step you capture emails of your visitors by offering something valuable as a free download. And in the second phase you send emails with different affiliate sales suggestions to your email subscribers. When they buy something, you get a portion of the sales.

Members Site

With this website monetization technique, you make a members only website where your content is available only to those who buy membership or subscriptions to your website.

Sponsored Email

If you have already an established email list, then you can rent your email list which means you can send out other people’s promotional emails┬áto your list for a price.

Online Store

Another popular method is by having an online store on your website where people actually buy products and you get paid.

These are different ways of how to monetize your website and make money from it.

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