How to Prevent Eye Strain While Using Computer

If you spend a lot of time infront of computer screen , you will be very well aware of the eye strain that it leads to. Here is what you need to do to :

  • Take breaks and stare out of the windows or go out for a small walk.
  • In order to remind yourself of breaks , install an App like EyeDefender . It will even offer you eye relaxing activities like  activation of default screen saver , looking at pictures of your choice and some eye exercises. One of the options is visual training during which the screen will darken and then you follow the display on your monitor around.
  • Another utility is Workrave which gives you break reminder. It is strict in the sense that when you activate the break , then you can not use your computer until the break time is over.
  • Flux is another popular app which adjusts your screen brightness according to time of the day or night.
  • For internet savvy , Sunglasses is a chrome extension that adjusts browser brightness in separation from the rest of the  computer. If you find the brightness too much while doing your work on the internet , you just click the sunglasses icon and adjust the brightness.

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