How to Promote Your Blog For free

how to promote your blog for freeOnce you have created your blog, the next thing is to get people visit it. For this you will need to understand how to promote your blog. Because if you solely depend on search engines to find your website, it will be a slow process. Given below are some of the most important tips for how to promote a blog for free.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to write great content for your blog. Content is king and search engines love useful, unique and well written SEO optimized content. If you can not write content yourself for any reason, it is best to outsource it to professionals.

Make Google+ and Facebook pages for your blog and keep updating those pages with posts from your blog. It is also possible to auto-update these pages with content from your blog. Try to build a social media audience by posting your blog material on your own Facebook and Google+ profiles and asking your friends to do this too.

Add social sharing buttons to your posts on your blog which will allow users to share your posts if they like it on your blog. Also add Email This post option on your blog posts.

Another important tip for how to promote your blog for free is to add your blog to different blog search sites and directories. It is also important that you add your blog to listings that are relevant to your niche. By doing so you increase chances of people visiting your blog from these listings.

Add your blog URL to your email signatures if possible. You can see that emails are forwarded all the time. This will act as a promotion for your blog and you will be getting more visitors to your blog.

Try to engage on forums and blogs relevant to your blog and add your URL while commenting. This very often leads to people clicking over to your website if they like your comment. However, stay away from spamming other blogs and forums. Your comments should be meaningful and informative.

Build relationships with other bloggers in your niche and try to contribute guest posts to other blogs. This will build your brand and is a sure way of promoting your blog for free.

Almost every successful blogger would advise to build your email list. Try building your email list right from the start because by doing so you will be making your blog immune to any effects from Google search engine algorithm changes that might affect your blog and business negatively. This one is best done with professional email services like Aweber or Mailchimp. However, if you are short on money, you might do this by by using MailPoet, which is a free autoresponder.

These are some of the tested tips for how to promote your blog for free. What are your ideas on promoting your newly created blog.



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