10 Proven Ways to Promote Your Blog or Website

how-to-promote-your-blogAfter you have taken the first step and created your website, the next step is how to get quality traffic and users to your website. Because without people visiting your website, you can not get sales or augment your customer base.

Given below are 10 ways that can help you promote your blog or website.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique and process that you can use to improve your visibility in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) when a user types in the keyword phrase for searching something related to your website.

Some of the best ways to improve your SEO is by changing on-page content, and increasing the referring inbound links for your website which search engines take as a measure of popularity of your website on internet.

SEO activities can be quite time consuming at the start but this is so important for getting more traffic to your website and getting high on the search engine ranking for your keywords. If your website is not already optimized for search engine indexing  and ranking, then it will take a few months before you will see any improvement in results after taking necessary measures regarding SEO.

Read in detail about what is SEO in our detailed post.

2. Guest Blogging

One of the most popular ways to promote your blog is to keep adding fresh and useful content to your website. Another popular method is to guest post articles on other already popular websites with link back to your own website. Since these popular blogs and websites already have traffic, this will mean more exposure and promotion for your website.

3. PPC Advertising

If your website is not ranking high on the search engines because of lack of SEO or you have not enough time for SEO, then buying pay per click traffic from Google and other PPC ad agencies is a sure way to increase popularity of your website. When running such campaigns, the idea should be to have maximum possible ROI. You can buy ads based on your keywords and users will start coming to your website.

4. YouTube Videos

By uploading videos to YouTube, you gain exposure to a huge audience. When you insert link back to your website in the description of these videos, users will come to your website if they find the video useful.

It is not absolutely required that your video has to go viral to get any popularity for your website. Even if the number of views is not in millions, you still get promotion for your website. The main focus in such videos should be a clear link to your website, and convincing the YouTube user that by visiting your website, he will get more benefit.

It is also possible to buy ads on Google Adwords which will be inserted within the other already popular videos on YouTube which will mean that you will get traffic to your website.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also used by many top internet marketers even today and is a recommended method of how to promote your blog or website. Have a sound reason for people to subscribe to your mailing list by offering a freebie like a useful report on the subject and get their email with that and then send follow up with useful information and also promote your occasional offers every now and then.

8. Facebook Pages/Forums, Word of Mouth

In this age of internet, more and more people are turning to social recommendations. Even search engines are also giving weightage to social signals in their search engine ranking pages. Try to build useful Facebook pages and build social connections with your customers and potential users for gaining word of mouth recommendations and reviews. It is also useful to engage in related forums to your website because this is also a proven way to promote your blog or website.

9. Social Media Promotion

Social media like twitter and Facebook are a great way to let your website be known to the world and promote it. There should be strong reasons for liking your page on Facebook or re-tweeting your tweet. This is a huge source of web traffic which might sometime be more targeted and more in number than search engine traffic if you leverage your social media strategy properly to promote your website.

10. Press Releases

Another popular way to promote your website is to make use of public relations techniques. Try to establish your brand as an expert in your niche using these strategies which will bring in more traffic and boost your conversion rates.

Promote your website by sending press releases about your website and its business to press release distribution agencies which will further distribute it to other websites and news organizations to give more exposure to your website or blog.

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