How to Run Successful Reseller Hosting Business

If you are interested in earning money by becoming a reseller or affiliate of webhosting service providers, you need to judge companies on following criteria:

  1. Check types of support host is providing. Support needs to be prompt and efficient. Most of mainstream options like emails, telephonic support and toll free phone should be available. If they have ticketing system in place, it implies that company is professional and serious about business. Hosts providing only email support must be avoided.
  2. Host should have a brick and mortar office, not working online only.
  3. See if host is offering only limited number of email accounts? Reduced count is usually a ploy to force upgrades.
  4. Overselling is a cause of declining website performance, check if company doesn’t over “oversells”. Moderate Overselling is acceptable but lookout for hosts offering unbelievably cheap plans.
  5. Check if domain registration services are offered by host.
  6. Note the time duration taken by company to respond to initial sales queries. Promptness shown in sales is a good indicator of overall company’s professionalism.
  7. See since when company is working, this does not mean newer are always bad, but if a company managed to survive for long period generally it’s good.
  8. Does any of company packages allow for the possibility of dedicated IP and secure SSL layer.
  9. Is it allowed to have your name server, like It may come handy in future.

With these small tips you can manage to run a successful reseller hosting business.

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