How to Secure Your Passwords With Simple Tips

How secure is your password? on TwitpicIf you have been following news recently , you would have come across headlines relating to hacking of many high profile sites and stealing of personal ,  financial and business information by the hackers. The web is full of tips for securing passswords but it is always advisable to revisit this critical aspect of our online lives. Most of the people take password meanagement leisurely and brush aside any suggestion saying that they dont have anything important online. They ignore important and critical aspects of their online life like gmail , facebook , paypal , credit card information , webhosting details etc. Here are our simple tips to help you secure your passwords:

  • Choose your password that is a mixture of alpha-numeric characters and symbols. An example can be dagDre1G}25 .
  • Password should be of good length ( recommended to be 15 characters or longer ) . It should not be less than 8 characters at all.
  • There are password generator tools as well . You can generate a hard to guess password using these tools.
  • Try to keep your passwords in encrypted form. If you do not spend a lot of time online and are good at keeping your computer free of viruses , then you could do well without encryption as well but it is not a recommended practice.
  • Use a password safe to secure all of your passwords. You can use free solutions like KeePass  or PassPack .You can secure your passwords for Facebook , Gmail , Paypal , Twitter , bank accounts and other online services by using these solutions.
  • Change your password regularly. There is no standard that describes a particular duration but change it at least every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Do not write down your passwords , especially in public. Do not carry your passwords with you in your wallet.
  • DO NOT use the same password for multiple websites.

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