How To Share Files On Your Home Networks

Setting up a home network is not that technical anymore. Given below are few quick actions you need to take, in order to setup a file sharing network. Moreover tips are also provided for troubleshooting the connectivity issues.

File sharing in Home Networks

Generally it takes about 5 minutes to establish the network between both Windows 7 machines, or if one of the machines involved carries MAC OS. Read below to know how to do it for each type:

File sharing on Windows 7 PCs:

Setting up a network using HomeGroups feature on Windows 7 is very easy. From the source machine say Machine A (the one carrying the files to be shared), open Control Panel of HomeGroup. Usually a HomeGroup is created automatically while setting up Wi-fi for the first time. However if the said group does not exist already, you can create one by clicking Create and following the instructions there. Here from the set of given file type select the appropriate ones or all, and Press Next. Note down the password that is revealed to you. Give couple of minutes to Windows to update. Now on the destination computer, let’s call it Machine B (which will be accessing the shared files on Machine A), open the same Control Panel of HomeGroup. The HomeGroup of Machine A will be appearing here. You have to just run the wizard after clicking Join now. Tada, Now both Machine A and Machine B will be able to share files among each other.  Important thing to note here is that Documents is not checked by default and requires explicit action to include it for share when you see the file types to share.

Once network is established, retrieving the shared resources is a normal browsing action. Open Windows Explorer using Windows-E shortcut or by normal way, now go to the HomeGroup. Computer carrying shared files appears here and clicking on it will show in right pane the files available for sharing by the host computer.

Password change could also be accomplished using the same Control Panel of HomeGroup. Go to the Homegroup and select Change password option upon click.

File sharing from MAC to Windows 7: If a MAC machine is required to host the files to be shared, go to Network application from System Preferences and select WINS tab. Here you need to alter settings of ‘Workgroup’ by providing your PC’s ‘Workgroup’ settings, now Press OK. Check Control Panel of your PC to confirm Workgroup’s settings, if there is doubt about the exact settings. Now go to Mac Sharing program, while still at System Preferences. Check the field titled File Sharing. From the pane of Share folders, mention folders required for sharing. You may give the folders R, RW (Read and Read Write respectively) rights for sharing in Users pane. These rights need to be given to group named ‘Everyone’. Press Options now and check the field named Share files & folders using SMB and Press Done. Now go to Account application, press Guest Account after unlocking system. Mark the box titled Allow guests to connect to share folders with a check.

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