How to Speed up Mac

This article offers some tips on how to speed up mac.

Give it a thorough cleaning

To clean the external parts of your computer and speed up mac, you should first switch  [013/365] - New Year, New Desk
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off and unplug anything attached to it. After that, the computer should be taken from where it is normally kept to another place. Give the exterior of your Mac a thorough cleaning, whether you own a Mac Pro beneath your desk or an iMac on top of your desk. Chances are that dirt and dust have accumulated around it. You can follow the guidelines provided by Apple to clean up your device and speed up mac, and even though the two systems are not exactly the same, your best bet is to remove any oils, smudges and dust on the external part of your computer using a microfiber cloth. Although Apple recommends that you use a damp cloth that is free of lint, you can however achieve good results with a microfiber cloth that is dry.

You can also use compressed air to get rid of the dust that has settled in exhaust vents, crevices and cracks, even though Apple has not recommended this officially. A Mac Pro can also be opened and given a thorough cleaning using the same cloth plus compressed air.

One very good way to remove heavy oily stains on your keyboard or case and speed up mac is by the use of Mr. Clean Magic remover, but do not forget that this product is a bit abrasive, just like other melamine sponges. So while you are scrubbing the dirt and grease away, you may also be removing the upper layer of the varnish if you carry on scrubbing.

Rearrange the Cables

After cleaning your Mac, ensure that you rearrange the cable clutter prior to setting your computer back up. The cable clutter might have built up beneath your desk as you use system over the months. You should find a way of wrapping those cables to stop them from occupying so much space. Another way to tidy up all those items sticking out of the rear of your system is to use some zip, twist, or Velcro cable ties to hold them together. If you like you can even give them labels using bread tags or milk jug labels.

Update Your System

As you prepare your Mac computer for the spring, you should not forget to obtain the newest application updates, security updates plus the most recent patches that you can get through Software Update and speed up mac. This is the best period to upgrade to Operating System 10.7 “Lion.”, if you are still using an older edition of Mac OS. This summer, Operating System X 10.8 “Mountains Lion” is scheduled for release, however, you will almost certainly need to have Lion to do the upgrade, therefore unless you have no intention of upgrading beyond Snow Leopard, this is something you have to take into account. No matter the edition of Mac OS you choose to use, ensure that you make use of Software Update to keep your computer as current as possible.  This is essential to speed up mac.

Remove All Apps that are not necessary

Once you are through with updating your computer, it is time to turn your attention to the Applications directory and start removing all applications you no longer require. This will be important to speed up mac. Most of the time, all you have to do to remove a Mac application is to simply drag the application to the trash, however doing that may result to your system having orphaned preferences files left behind by the apps you uninstalled. You will achieve better results by using a real uninstaller, such as AppCleaner, which you can get free of charge to speed up mac. If you can afford to spend precisely thirteen dollars, AppZapper has a few additional options and its User Interface is much finer, however the two are quite similar in terms of what they can do. If you make use of any of these applications to uninstall those unneeded programs from your computer, you can be certain that all their associated files will be removed also. Lastly, go to System Preferences, click Accounts, and then clear the Login Item tab of all the apps you do not wish to run when your computer starts. At times even the applications you have uninstalled will leave behind entries, so it is okay to clean your startup items all the same and speed up mac.

Recover Hard Disk Space

At this point the external part of your Mac has been cleaned up, you have updated your computer, and all the applications you no longer make use of have been uninstalled. You are now set to complete the task of cleaning up the interior of your Mac and recover the hard disk space that is almost certainly being used up by video game screenshots, VirutalBox images, or other varied files you are not aware were occupying space in your computer. This is an important part of the tips to speed up mac.

Disk Inventory X is one fine tool you can use to scan the drives in your system to find out the items that are taking up your space in a view that is very easy to understand, and you can get it free of charge to speed up mac. On the other hand, if you have ten dollars to spend, you can get Daisy Disk, which is an application that will show what’s inside your hard disk in several views, and even delete, compress, and put your drive in order automatically and quickly, and you will not be required to do anything. Once everything has been completed, simply ensure that your trash is emptied so you can actually regain the space and speed up mac.

Make your computer work faster by carrying out some maintenance operations.

After regaining some disk space, you should go to Disk Utility and hit the “Verify Disk” button. This should not take much of your time, and if it brings up some errors, wait until it has completed its task, after that you should click “Repair Disk.” Verifying your disk is something you should do once in a while, simply to be certain that your hard disk or your Operating System X installation has not developed some errors. You might have also observed that you can repair or verify disk permissions and speed up mac. There is nothing wrong with doing that; however there is a lot of controversy regarding whether the operation is really helpful as a troubleshooting stage.

Apart from Disk Utility, another thing you may like to examine is a utility for optimizing your system such as Onyx. Other tools you can also use to speed up mac are CCleaner for Mac and iBoostUp. These will do an excellent job of cleaning up your computer and speed up mac.

Back Up Your Mac and speed up Mac

All the steps you have taken will ensure that you successfully speed up mac, and you have to do clean ups like this once in a while to get your computer back in top form. However, if you fail to back up your computer after everything, then all your effort is wasted. One fine method to establish a good backup system is by making use of CrashPlan. After you set it up, you have nothing more to worry about as the tool will safely backup your data to another system, external disks, or an offsite location, if you can afford it.

Cloning your hard disk is another good option you should consider to speed up mac. This will come in handy in the event that you have to restore your files after replacing or upgrading your hard drive. This task can be accomplished using Disk Utility but Carbon Copy Cloner is a little more dependable and sturdy to speed up mac.

There is nothing more to it. It does not really take much to speed up mac; however it is important that you give them a thorough cleaning every now and then, particularly after using them for some heavy task. Apple offers only a few tools for optimizing and tweaking your Mac, however you will find several other options for all editions of Mac OS.

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