How to Speed Up Windows

This article presents some tips on how to speed up windows.

Get Your Hardware Cleaned Up

You can commence to speed up windows by first cleaning the external parts of your computer. Switch off your system, disconnect it from all electrical outlets, and take it to an speed up windows
open space where it will not be difficult to get to everything. Your main concern is most likely going to be your mouse and the keyboard, whether you own a desktop or a laptop. Fortunately, these items can easily be cleaned using only one or two objects in the home. If they appear to be a bit greasy, they can be cleaned up using Mr. Clean magic wiper.

Also, you have to remove the casing of your system and get rid of any dust that might have accumulated on the fans so that everything will be running smoothly. This is essential to speed up windows. You only need some compressed air to remove all the dust. As for laptops, cleaning them requires a little more effort. Taking your laptop apart may not be a straightforward process so you need to consult the instruction manual for your computer for additional information and speed up windows.

Take care of any cable clutter

After cleaning up your computer, you should get the cables organized first before you return the computer to its position. You can do this using one or two methods such as the cable shortening methods and the complete workspace solutions. Try out different arrangements to find out what will work for you. If you make use of a laptop, you can make use of one or two binder clips to hold the cables on your desk so they do not fall to the ground anytime you take it out.

Update Your System

After cleaning up your hardware and you have returned it to your preferred workspace, the next thing you have to deal with to speed up windows is the software. Before you take any action to speed up windows, ensure that all the software you use (including security updates, service packs, drivers etc.) is the latest by going to Windows Update. If you are not using Windows 7, this is not the best time to make the upgrade. Windows 8 is scheduled for release in October, so if you buy Windows 7 now, it only seems like throwing money away. If you are already using Windows 7, then that is fine as the best edition of Windows at the moment is running on your system. However, if you are still using Vista or XP, you are better off waiting for a few more months to ensure that you speed up windows.

Uninstall redundant Applications

It is always better to be moderate when it comes to installing apps; you do not want to have unneeded apps occupying a lot of space in your system. Even if you are very careful, you cannot avoid having unnecessary apps in your computer. Instead of using the inbuilt Remove/Add Programs dialog box in Windows; you can make use of another app such as Revo Uninstaller. This will do a better and quicker job and speed up windows. There is no doubt that your scanner and printer setup also add some unneeded applications to your hard disk, so you should take care of these as well to speed up windows.

One other area you have to examine is the startup items within msconfig. As you search through it, uncheck all the options that are no longer useful to you.

Recover Hard Disk Space

If your hard disk space is running low, then you should create some time to find out what is taking up most of the space. You may not recover sufficient space if you make use of the inbuilt Disk Cleanup application in Windows, instead, you should look at an app like Disk Space Fan or WinDirStat. With any of these, you will be shown the items that are occupying most of the space in your hard disk, organized by file type, folder, and the like. Once you have this detail, it will be easier for you to get rid of the items you no longer need and recover some of your hard disk space and speed up windows.

Carry out some maintenance and speed up your computer

You are now set to start removing the main items that make your computer to be really slow. You should download the superb CCleaner maintenance tool, if you are yet to get it. After downloading it, use it to clean up your system and speed up windows. With this app, you should be able to get rid of some of those additional log files, temporary files and caches, plus other items scattered about your computer. Also, the app can be programmed to run automatically at a particular time.

The only other thing you have to do (apart from the things discussed in this article) is to ensure that your antivirus software is the latest and that it is switched on. One good anti virus program you can make use of is Microsoft Security Essentials. Using it is not difficult and it is very effective when it comes to eliminating viruses. If you use Windows 7, you do not have to clean Windows registry, or defragment your hard drive or do any other thing that used to be absolutely necessary in times past to speed up windows.

Back Up Your Computer

After cleaning your PC, you should consider backing it up. If you are yet to have a backup plan, this is the best time to put one in place. One very good system you can use is CrashPlan. Once this is set up, you will not need to bother about it in the future when you do some actions to speed up windows. On the other hand, you can simply use the inbuilt Backup in Windows to back your files up using an external drive. No matter the method you use to back up, you should still use something like Dropbox to back up the really important files you have , because you want to be certain that your files are safe even if things like drive failures, earthquakes and fires, or some other thing that is capable of damaging your backup happens.

You can do a fresh install

This has to be mentioned, because it is an option that several individuals use to keep their systems running smoothly. There is nothing wrong with this; however it is not really necessary to speed up windows. Your computer should operate just fine, as long as it is properly taken care of.

If doing a fresh install is something you really want to speed up windows, then you should consider taking a look at how your Window’s installation can be customized using RT Se7en Lite. With this, you can create the Operating System you have always dreamed about. It will enable you remove any Windows components you do not want, and include Service Pack 1 in your installer. Also, you can install all the apps you like automatically all at once.

Maintaining Windows is a lot easier now compared to what it used to be in the past, however, you still have to do one or two things every now and then to keep it fast and clean. I hope these tips to speed up windows will make your system faster.

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