How to Start a Blog in Under 3 Minutes with BlueHost

You must also be attracted to the idea of starting a blog after hearing the stories of people making millions of dollars online.  Almost all of these people thought of starting a business after they lost jobs. In their desperation to make ends meet they decided to learn how to start a website. And you will be reassured to know that a majority of them did not have any idea about what is blogging or what is a blog. But yet they started to follow their dream to make money blogging and went ahead with learning to create a blog. 

So you are already going to take the first step that all of them took by reading on this post and learning how to create a blog. And the thought should not overwhelm you even if you have absolutely non technical skills and you just have a zero idea about how to blog or how to build a website. 

The modern day tools and services have made it a piece of cake and now even school going kids can easily learn how to make a blog easily. In this little tutorial we are going to learn how to make a blog with BlueHost in under 3 Minutes. I can assure you that the actual task of installing a blog is less than 3 minutes. And after a few times, you will also be expert enough to install a wordpress blog in under 3 minutes. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are also assuming that you do not have any experience of where to register your domain, how to set custom nameservers for your domain, what is cPanel and how to install wordpress with a one click installer. Let me summarize the steps that you will need to take for creating a blog:

  • Register a domain. You can use GoDaddy for registering a domain. Just look for the domain. And if available, pay and register domain. 
  • Buy hosting from BlueHost. I highly recommend this hosting because it is presently hosting more than 10,000,000 websites. 20,000 new customers sign up with BlueHost every month.  So many people can not be wrong. 
  • Change Nameservers to point to BlueHost Nameservers in your domain administration dashboard. 

Now from this onward i am assuming that you have already registered your domain at GoDaddy and set the custom nameservers to the nameservers to bluehost nameservers that were sent in your email when you registered for a hosting account at BlueHost. The process of changing nameservers is really simple. Here are the details of the process from GoDaddy:


Now we need to login to our Hosting Account at BlueHost. As i already promised it will be a lot less than 3 minutes to install wordpress and start writing your first blog post. You need to login to the cPanel of BlueHost by clicking at the place shown in the picture below and providing your cpanel login details sent to your email by BlueHost: 


After this you will be inside the Dashboard of cPanel which will look similar to this. Now you are on your way how to make a blog :


Here you look for wordpress icon and click it. The next screen will take you to a gallery of scripts and you choose wordpress from it and click it. 





Then you will be presented with a screen where you will need to select the following options to decide:

  • select the domain on which you will want to install wordpress
  • Give name to your wordpress blog site
  • Also click on Click Here to Display button below the site name field and set change the admin name to something else because keeping it Admin will make you favorite target of hackers. 
  • Now click on Install button at the bottom of the page and wordpress will be installed in a few seconds. The next screen will give you the login of the administrative dashboard of your blog as well as your admin username and password. Store these settings somewhere secure because these will be needed every time you will need to post new content, edit exiting content or perform other administrative tasks on your blog. 

thirdStep wordpressinstallprogress

Now go to and enter your admin username and password and you will be inside the administration panel of your wordpress. Click on Post >> New Post from the left hand menu and start blogging. 

You must have already learnt that wordpress is the easiest website website creator on earth and creating a blog with BlueHost is a breeze. 

I hope you will find this how to start a blog in under 3 minutes article useful and this will set you on journey to being a successful internet marketer. 

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