How to Start a Website Using Blogger

Anyone who thinks that starting a website is a stuff for geeks is mistaken. In this article we are going to show how to start a website within minutes without having even a basic knowledge of computer programming. It is totally possible to create a website using blogger within minutes. The website we will create will be a dynamic website, where you will be able to add fresh content any time you want.

Benefits of Using Blogger

By learning how to start a website on this platform, you get the following benefits.

  • You will be using a platform which is totally free. The only cost you will bear is for buying domain name which costs around $10 per year.
  • You can create up to 100 number of sites using Blogger.
  • You will be using Blogger platform which is owned by Google itself.
  • Editing a website based on Blogger is really easy.
  • Google search engine likes Blogger based sites.
  • There are thousands of templates available for Blogger which can be even further customized to exactly suit your requirements.

Who Should Not Use Blogger

This how to start a website tutorial is not aimed at following people:

  • Those looking for custom built websites.
  • Those in search of websites that have custom written web applications.
  • People who have a special site design in mind.

How to Start a Website

In order to start a website using blogger, you need to visit If you have a Gmail account already, you can sign in directly because your Gmail account details will also work for your blogger account. Otherwise sign up for an account on Blogger.

Once you have signed into your Blogger account, you can click on New Blog link on the left. The following form will open. Fill in the Title and blog address and choose a theme for your website and click on Create.



This is all. You have just learned how to start a website in a few clicks and under five minutes. Next you will see that your website has been created and you can start posting your content to your website on blogger.

blog-created start-posting

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