How to Stop Facebook From Spying on You

Hi World Are You ready? perhaps!  Anonymous are to destroy Fa... on TwitpicFacebook has a very bad record when it comes to users’ privacy .  Facebook tracks user activities through storing cookies . It also tracks through its services like Facebook apps and Like buttons on third party sites. With these apps , any article you read , any song you listen or any vidoe you watch can be shared with your friends or posted to your wall on Facebook  without your permission. One solution is to log out of Facebook when you have finished using it and avoid using Like buttons on other sites .  It is also recommended to not link your other sites and services on the web to your Facebook Account. Here are some of the recommendations to help you stop Facebook from spying on you.

  • Use Facebook Privacy List for Adblock Plus if you are already using Adblock Plus. You just need to download the subscription and Adblock Plus will stop Facebook plugins and scripts all across the internet , even the Like Button.
  • Facebook Disconnect for Chrome blocks Facebook tracking cookies  as well as blocks communication between Facebook servers and the sites that have Facebook enabled plugins.
  • Disconnect for Chrome and Disconnect for Firefox   are   plugins targeted at Firefox and Chrome . It goes even further than Facebook and blocks dropping of tracking cookies by other social sites like Google , Twitter , Yahoo , Digg etc. It also prevents these sites from connecting with the third party sites and obtaining your search and browsing history. These sites will work perfectly and you will be able to login to these but social buttons like Like and Google + wont work on other sites. It gives you a real picture of the Connect requests blocked . You an also optionally unblock any service if you want.

All these tools put you in control of your privacy and your shares on social media. You can use any of these tools to stop Facebook from spying on you , your browsing and search history.

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