How to Stop Tracking in FireFox

Firefox offers almost the same privacy extensions as Chrome. Most of these extensions have the same developers.

  • Ad Block Plus – Ad Block Plus is as useful in Firefox as it is with Chrome. With the Anti Social subscription you can block any ads on the site you like. It can also stop plug-ins and adds from sending any data about you.
  • Ghostery – You can Ghostery on Firefox as well. It works the same way as it does on Chrome, it provides you with information about cookies, trackers and scripts running on the sites you have visited. You can choose what you want to allow and what you want to block.
  • Do Not Track Plus – Do Not Track plus extension can also be found on Firefox and it works in the same way as it does on the Chrome browser. It gives you the option to block or allows third party data sharing.
  • No Script – No Script is a wonderful extension and it gives you huge amount of information regarding the things happening under the web site you visit. Sometimes the information might be a bit too overwhelming and it might even stop the web site from loading, which can be a bit annoying but you with No Script you have the option to stop or allow any script you want.
  • Priv3 – Priv3 is only available in Firefox. This in an experimental add-on by a team of researchers in Rutgers University. This extension will stop third party cookies by sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google Plus. Just like Do Not Track Plus, this extension will make the scripts inactive till you actually interact with them.

 Just like Chrome, the Ad Block Plus, Ghostery and Priv 3 extensions are most essential. Priv3 and Do Not Track Plus, both work the same way, so take your pick. The No Script extension is more useful for advance users as it offers a bit more control. The Do Not Track feature is also worth enabling, even though it won’t stop many sites as most have social plug-ins. You should also learn more about Firefox content and privacy setting. It is also recommended that you should log out of any service you use when you finish. You can also set Firefox so that it clears your cookies, private date and the browsing history when you leave the browser.


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