How to Stop Tracking on Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari

Chrome and Firefox might stand in the spotlight of the browser world war but the people who are running Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari are not fully safe with their browser choice. Google has been known for finding a way around the cookie protection of Internet Explorer. If you are running Internet explorer, you should check out Microsoft tracking protection add-ons for Internet Explorer for stop sites form working about the build-in browser protection.

It really doesn’t matter which browser you use, as you can find almost the same extension with each one. The Do Not Track Plus extension is available for Internet Explorer and Safari, there is also a special version of Ad Block available for Safari and Internet Explorer and even Opera. For people who like Script No or No Script extension, they can find Not Scripts extension for Opera, as it gives the same response. The above mentioned extensions are just an example and it is likely that some of the above mentioned extension might not work with your browser but no need to worry, if you look around you will find other add-ons that work the same way.

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