How to Tell If Someone Secretly Used Your Computer

If you have suspicions that your roommate or someone else has been using your computer secretly in your absence , then you can get the evidence quite easily . It would be , however , preferable that you always password protect your computer or install applications like Prey to catch your suspect red handed . If you have not done so , then , having a look at your computer’s event logs will help you investigate  and confirm your suspicion. Windows has a built in program called Event Viewer . Here is how to access it :

  1. Click on Start button  , type “Event Viewer” without quotes and press Enter button on your keyboard.
  2. Double Click Windows Logs and Click on System .
  3. Right click System and select Filter Current Log
  4. In the pop up Window , choose Power-Troubleshooter from the Event Sources and press OK
  5. Click on the Events which appear suspicious and find more details in the middle pan .

In order for this trick to tell you if someone secretly used your computer , you will need to have good idea of the time when you suspect your computer was misused. Other possible things to check include Recent Documents , internet browser history , cache and other such locations . It would be , however , wise to install an anti-theft programe like Prey .

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