How to use vps as proxy – ssh tunnel

How to use vps as proxy – ssh tunnel

In this simple tutorial we are going to learn very simple process of using your vps as proxy.  You might need this if you want to use certain website which are blocked in your country due to censorship. Moreover , you can use a proxy to access websites which restrict access to only a particular country. For example , movie site blocks access to all IPs except USA. By using a proxy of USA , you can watch these movies.Or even if you just want to surf the web anonymously. This is a very simple process and i will explain it with pictures so that you can set up your proxy in first attempt.

Step 1:

You need to have a VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) with some hosting company. Server specifications need not be very high. A server with 128 mb ram will be more than enough. For buying vps at cheapest prices , you can survey at . Buy cheapest possible vps after browsing the site. The only condition is that it should have ram equal to 128 mb or more.

Step 2:

In this step you need to use a software called putty. You can download putty from . Install Putty and run it . This should open a window like this.

In the hostname , enter the ip address of the vps that your hosting provider gave you when you bought vps. Do not click  any other button and now move to Step 3.

Step 3:

Now click on the + sign near SSH button on the left side pane and then click on tunnels. This should open a window where you need to click the radio button dynamic , enter a port number between 3000 to 60000 in the box near source port and then click add button. Please use the following image as a guide.Now do not click any button and move to step 4.

Step 4:

Now click on Session button in the left pane at top and then click save button  and finally click open button at the bottom.

This should open a putty window like this where you need to login as root and supply your password of vps. It should log you . You minimize putty window after that and proceed to Step 5.

Step 5:

Now open your firefox. Click on tools –> options –> advance –> network –> settings “button”. This should open a window like this. Now you click on the radio button Manual Proxy Configurations and then in the box near socks host write and in the Port field add the same port number which u added in Step 3. Clilck the radio button Socks v5 and then click OK.

Congratulations! Your IP has been changed and now you are browsing the web anonymously and all blocked content has been unlocked. Now you can open whatever website on internet be it Hulu or any other censored site.You can check your Ip by going to any of the sites that tell your IP. For example you may visit any of these websites to check your IP.

It may be mentioned that your proxy will work only till your ssh tunnel is working. So putty session and window can not be closed till the time you want to use proxy.


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