Learn How to Use WordPress for Making Websites

When you will look for methods to create website, you will surely hear the name of WordPress sooner or later. WordPress is the world’s leading website builder and powers millions of websites on internet. And once you decide to use WordPress to create your website, you will be needing to learn how to use WordPress.

WordPress is  very powerful software which is also content management system but its real beauty is the ease with which you can learn to use WordPress. If you want to make your own self hosted WordPress site, then you need to visit our other tutorial on how to start website with WordPress. This tutorial is focused on helping you crate your blog using WordPress.com.

By following this tutorial along, you can easily learn how to use WordPress and start your first blog where you can let the world listen your voice and where you can express yourself and your ideas and expertise.

Step 1: Visit WordPress.com

Go to WordPress.com and once on that website, click on the orange Get Started button. This will begin your signing up process for creating your WordPress.com blog. Setting up blog on WordPress.com is free thought it is not possible to monetize their blogs on WordPress.com. If you will need more control on your blog and want to monetize your blog, then it is recommended that you set up a self-hosted WordPress blog.

How to Use WordPress

Step 2: Fill in Details

On the next page, fill out all the details like your valid email, your WordPress username and password and your WordPress.com blog URL in the Blog Address field. Fill in the blog address after careful thinking because it will not be possible to change this afterwards. Also select WordPress.com Free option if you want to set up a free blog. Click on No Thanks, I Will use the Free Address.  You can get more features with different paid upgrades. But click on Create Blog at the bottom of the page.




Step 3: Email Activation

Open Activation Email that will be sent to your valid email address that you gave while filling in the fields in Step 2. Click on the Activation Link given in the email and your email will be verified and your blog address will be yours and live.


Step 4: Set up Features

After clicking on the activation email, you will be taken to a few screens to set up different features about your newly created WordPress.com blog. You will also be given the option to choose theme for your WordPress blog. Select the theme that you like. If you will be ready to write your first post, you can but otherwise you can login to your wordpress.com blog dashboard later on to write your first post.



Step 5: Write Your First post

Write your first post on your blog by logging into dashboard of your blog by typing in yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin in your browser. On the next screen give the username and password for your blog that you filled in during the Step 2. Once inside the dashboard, click on Posts>Add New for write your first post. It is important in learning how to use WordPress that you understand all the links on the left of the dashboard. Some of the most important links are Posts, Appearance, Settings, Pages and Plugins. Once you have written your post, click on Publish link on the right sidebar and your post will have been published for the whole world to see.

add new post




Step 6: Learn to Install Widgets

Is is also important in learning how to use WordPress that you understand how you can add widgets to sidebar or bottom of your blog. You can go to the widgets screen by going to Appearance>Widgets and just drag the widgets you want to the sidebar.




This is just the beginning and basics of how to use WordPress. Learn more about WordPress by getting to know how to install a plugin, how to change WordPress theme, How to set up pretty permalinks on WordPress, How to create a page in WordPress and How to approve and disapprove comments etc. Soon you will be expert in use of WordPress.

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