How to write twitter post longer than 140 characters

How to write twitter post longer than 140 characters

As we all know , posting on twitter requires that you type your message within 140 characters. If your twitter post is longer than 140 characters , then you have to split it into more posts and post each piece of 140 characters followed by another 140 characters. However , there is a workaround to this . You can use a website called TallTweets to type a text lot longer than 140 characters in one go and post it to twitter right from that website without leaving it. Here is a step by step tutorial.

Step 1:

Go to Tall Tweets and give sign in with your twitter username and password. You can put in your username and password with confidence because the website uses 0auth method and your twitter usename and password are not shared with anyone.

Step 2:

The website will request access to your twitter account . Grant access. It is safe.

Step 3:

This will take to the next screen where you can type your tweet longer than 140 characters. After typing your tweet , Click on Post Tweet.

Step 4: Check your Twitter account , your tweet has been posted with a numbered scheme so that your readers could read your complete message.

This is a very small trick but it will save your time because you can write  your tweet longer than 140 characters in one go , otherwise you will have to post as manay times as your word count reaches 140. So it basically saved your three steps. Hope you enjoy it and post your tweets longer than 140 characters using this website.

NOTE: it may be noted that the application saves a cookie that automatically logs in your twitter account if you visit the website again. Therefore, on a shared computer try to remove browser cookies after using this. Moreover ,you will also need to remove cookies if you want to use another account with talltweet website.

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