How Wishlist Helps Create Niche Membership Websites

wishlist-membership-softwareThere are many different options available for creating membership sites and you can choose from these. But The best software for this purpose, keeping in view the ease of use and deep integration with WordPress platform, is Wishlist Member.

This comes in the form of plugin. You can grab a copy and install it in WordPress. You will create a fully functional membership website by simply uploading it and activating it.

A great feature in Wishlist is that you can schedule the content sharing with your members on site. There are certain membership software which give access to all content to all members at once, but Wishlist has this feature by which you can drip feed the content to your members over a period of time you determine.

Users might feel overwhelmed when they will see the complete course contents, best approach that Wishlist follows is limiting the content exposure to the current level. Users get automatic access to the next level of course contents when they have completed one level.

Another useful feature present in Wishlist is that the user switching to the next level can be automated. For example, after 30 days users can be moved to the next level. Another use of this feature could be that you could shift users to paid level after a trial period of say 30 days.

It is up to you that how many membership levels you determine. The potential is to have hundreds of levels or you might stick to traditional silver, gold and platinum levels. It is all your call.

Wishlist makes it really easy for users to join as members on your site. It also allows you to search the members list as administrator. The members list can be searched based on the date of joining or on the status.

Wishlist also has another popular feature by which members of a certain level can see the content only available for that level. The users will be prompted to pay to access a level to which they are not subscribed. You could make use of this feature to upsell advanced membership levels to users.

Wishlist also seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact etc. Mailing list can be set up so that any new members gets autoresponder. You could fill up this autoresponder with more bonus content or tutorials about how to use your membership site.

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