HP Elite book Folio 9470 Review

HP Elite Book Folio 9470 is a new Ultrabook by HP for business usage.


The new HP Elite Book Folio 9470 has a soft touch finish on the lid and the bottom as well. The keyboard is made out of brushed aluminum. It weighs 3.6 pounds and 0.74 inches thick. This makes it a bit heavier than other Ultrabooks.

Due to the thickness it has enough space for an Ethernet jack. The other ports you will find around the HP Elite Book Folio 9470 includes three 3.0 USB ports, a Display Port, a VGA socket, a 3.5mm headphones jack, an SD card slot, a Smart Card reader and a Kensington lock slot. On the keyboard you will find a fingerprint reader on the right end of the palm rest. Above the keyboard you will find the power button, the sound muting button and Wi-Fi button.

The keyboard is quite nice; the keys are of the right size and well spaced. The keyboard is also backlit, you can turn if on or off by pressing the F11 key. The track pad is also good. The track pad comes with right and left clicks buttons. The track pad is quite responsive with both single finger navigation and multi touch gestures.

HP Elite Book Folio 9470 has a 14 inches display with 1366 x 768 resolution. It is bright and has a matte finish. The viewing angles are a bit low average, as tilting the screen results in some washout. The sound output is quite low, even with max volume the sound output never reaches the loud standard.

The HP Elite Book Folio 9470 is powered by an Inter Core i5 3247U processor with 4 GB of RAM; Intel integrated HD 4000 GPU and 180 GB of SSD. It takes about 11 seconds to full boot up. The battery life of HP Elite Book Folio 9470 with nonstop video play back while having Wi-Fi enabled is six hours and 20 minutes.


HP Elite Book Folio 9470 that comes loaded with business like software. You can choice which operation system you want. You can get Windows 8 or Windows 7. Just in case you don’t like Windows 8 or prefer to work with Windows 7.

You will find the HP Protec Tools suit on board, which is a collection of utilities, including a password vault, per-boot authentication, facial recognition and Spare Key, a protocol which helps you log into your computer when you forget the password.  The facial recognition is a two step process, once the Elite Book registers your face; it then starts to pair with your phone via Bluetooth.

Other software that you will find on board includes Cyber Link Media Suite, Cyber Link Photo Director, Cyber Link Power DVD, Cyber Link Power Director, PDF Complete and Ever Note.



To sum it all up, the new HP Elite Book Folio 9470 has fast performance with a comfortable keyboard and track pad. Even though the screen has low resolutions and it is a bit heavier, still the HP Elite Book Folio 9470 is a top notch business Ultrabook.



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