Importance of Keywords for Effective SEO Strategy

Keywords are critical for your internet marketing success. The primary goal is get your content ranked higher in Google and other search engines SERPs in an organic and natural way. In order to achieve this, a few SEO (Search engine optimization ) strategies are of importance. And keywords play the most important role in this. 

The main purpose of doing any keyword research is to identify how a potential reader or customer is making use of the search engines to look for products or information he is in search of. You then make use of those keywords or keyword phrases in content on your website to ensure that it is of relevance to the audience you are targeting. 

Old School Method

A few years ago you could stuff keywords all over your webpage and Google and other search engines were tricked into thinking that the web page was relevant to the search query and will rank it higher in SERP. However, they have become smarter and now the only way left is to use the keywords in a more reasonable way using whitehat tactics. Otherwise, your website is de-indexed by Google and other search engines. 

Where to Use Keywords Generally?

The question that comes to mind naturally is where do my keywords generally need to be used? Do not forget to use these in Meta tags. These are not as important as before but still they are important for SEO. 

Keyword placement is also dependent on which kind of web page you are creating. For web 2.0 properties like Squidoo lens or Hub Page, keyword need to be used in the URL you take, in the titles, subtitles and sprinkled through out the content you write. You should also use keywords in the tagging section.

Keyword should be in the URL of the blog posts on your blog. But for this you need to ensure that your blog supports the use of this strategy. If you plan to use WordPress, then you need to customize the permalink structure by clicking on Settings>permalinks and you can customize the permalink structure of your website. 

For example WordPress by default gives your posts a URL like this:  You need to tweak the permalink structure and choose the one by entering this: /%postname%/. Now URL of your blog post will be based on the title of your post where you can use your keyword too. The resulting URL will be something like this:



 Also it is a good SEO practice to make use of keywords in the content, more importantly in the first sentence of the first paragraph so that your Google snippet in the search engine results shows the keyword bold in it. 

What Keyword Density to Use?

There are different opinions by different experts about the density you should have regarding the keywords. The recommendation ranges between 2 percent to 10 percent. What is important is that your content should be both for the human visitors and the search engines. This means that your content should have enough keywords to drop hints about the relevancy of the content  but no so many that the reader is turned off and reading becomes awkward. 

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