The Importance of Social Media for SEO Today

social media SEO

Are you aware of a term called “social proofing”? If you have not heard it yet, it is an idea which you should have knowledge about when you are going for social media and search engine optimization. Social proof sends strong proofs to the search engines which they need for ranking your website higher than other websites in the search results. One of the trust factors that both search engines and people look for in your offerings is their link to social proof.


There are many factors which search engines use for ranking websites and one of these is the incoming links to your website. Search engines also take into consideration the quality of these incoming links. This is the reason that buying links on link farms are no longer working for SEO now.

Social media has transformed into a very powerful way for getting incoming links to your website. And this adds a lot of weight to your social proof. Because of the nature of social media you can actually be duplicating yourself if you are successful in creating content that gets viral because it will be shared multiple times by others.

Search engines are averse to false link building. But they like natural link building which involves producing relevant and engaging content which gets shared on social media which results in building links which Google and almost all other search engines. Social media allows you to not only promote your products and content on many different networks but it is a lot more than just talk of backlinks. By collecting, shares, likes, tweets and Google Plus votes, you get ranking boost which is not possible by only using normal backlinks because of the absence of social proof factors.

You can make good progress into social proof concept if you get a lot of Google+ votes which will improve social proof in the eyes of Google Search, which if you like or not, is still the biggest search engine. Ignoring Google+ in your social media and SEO strategy will be a mistake. Think of innovative ways to make use of Google Plus for promoting your content, business, services and produts. You can give an immediate boost to your social proof and ranking by making use of Google + and Google Authorship for your website.

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