Remember These Important Keyword Variables for More Traffic

Many new internet marketers and for that matter some moderately advances ones too have invested many hours in learning keyword research and are very proud in letting others know their experiences of compiling, researching, cleaning and making use to huge keyword list in their projects. 


But there is a good number of them who are not aware of how to use the keywords and phrases which can be called non-traditional for bringing in laser targeted traffic for boosting your internet marketing campaigns. So when you are researching and making a keyword list, you also need to keep in mind these important keyword variables:

Plurals – This one is very simple. When you are targeting “search engine guide,” also remember to use “search engine guides” , which is the plural version of the keyword. There will be many people who will use either of the two but few will be using both. 

Misspellings – Many a time users either mistype a word or phrase because they probably do not know the exact spelling of a word. However, there are many keyword tools that can include misspellings for a particular keyword in the keyword list they generate. 

The bad news is that you will be required to intentionally use misspellings in your marketing campaigns. But if you are a disciplinarian who can not go wrong with proper spelling, this will be not according to your taste. But it is recommended that you just focus on the reward and keep in mind that by using these misspelled words you will rank highers and targeting those users which a large number of internet marketers will be ignoring. 

When starting keyword research, you are in total command of which keywords to be chosen and what will be the order of the keywords. For example when using the keyword phrase used cars, you need be sure that the word used comes before cars and the keyword phrase you use is used cars. 

Some new internet marketers get confused when their keyword research brings them a list of keywords with variety like used furniture and new cars because they were not really in the knowledge of how to filter out unwanted keywords. 

Phrase Match – When doing research with this option, you put your main keyword phrase in quotation marks and the resulting list contains keyword phrases with any words before or after the main keyword phrase in quotation marks. For example when you use “used cars” in quotations in your keyword tool, you may get results like – buy used cars today. 

Negative Match – When using this method for researching, you leave out a few words. For example when you type “cameras” -“used”, the resulting list will include keyword phrases having the word cars but all phrases with word used will be filtered. 

It is also a wise way to make use of keyword variable when researching keywords because you get a keyword list which is wider in scope which brings you more audience and the end result is more sales for your services or products. 



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