Install Windows Programs On Linux Using Playonlinux

windows programs on linuxOne excellent technique to run Windows programs on Linux is by using Wine, however if you have no interest in going to the settings of a program to configure certain things just to make it work, you can use a single click to install the program you want using theĀ  free application PlayOnLinux.

It is not as if you are getting an imitation that has not been fully tested, because PlayOnLinux installs the programs you want using Wine. It offers you a simple and fast way to install your preferred Windows programs on Linux from one easy menu. You will find several games in it Some of the games include Mass Effect, Portal, Starcraft II, as well as other well known Windows applications such as Microsoft Office. Essentially, the app removes all the technical work and takes care of all of them for you behind the scenes, so you can start using your applications. The program will select the best edition of Wine for every app, so that you can enjoy the finest experience possible.

PlayOnLinux is offered free of charge and it can be downloaded for systems that run Linux. You can also get it from Ubuntu Stores.


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