Instinctiv Player To Send Music To Your Phone From Your Computer

send music to your phoneInstinctiv is a collection of applications you can use to organize, synchronize and play music files using your phone or your computer. It makes available a server application on your Mac or Windows personal computer which links to an application on a Maemo or Android device (there is no iOS support at the moment), and apart from letting you send music to your phone from a computer, it also let users enjoy a number of highly interesting features like waveform audio finger printing for identifying music, a fantastic art album tool, and smart shuffle recommendations. The program is already getting set to be an excellent music solution that is totally free, even though it is presently in an open Alpha stage.

The moment the program is loaded, it will start exploring the most usual locations on your system in addition to the Windows Media Player and iTunes libraries. There is really no difference between the program running on the PC and the mobile application.

This program is not the only app you can use to send music to your phone. There are several other apps that can be used to take care of your music using your Android, or your personal computer, and you also find a few others that can manage and sync music files between your PC and your android device. However Instinctiv hopes to offer users a free, high quality program that can perform all the things the bigger apps are able to do, even as it maintains an outlook for the future, plus what your preferences as regards music would be at that time. For instance, the program has a number of very easy tools you can use to share any music you are enjoying at the moment, plus the location you are listening to the music from, on websites such as Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and, and you can do all this from Instinctiv player. What this means is that while you are enjoying your music, you will not have to visit your home screen, open you Facebook application, and manually enter an update as regards your status. This may not appear to be much; however it is this outlook towards the future that gives Instinctiv a slight advantage.

Instinctiv is great app to enable you to send music to your phone. Apart from the fundamental features such as loop and shuffle, Instinctiv also has a basic Artificial Intelligence system that seemingly studies your choices and attempts to manage the music files you listen to. However, for this feature to be work effectively, tag information must be provided for each file. For instance, if you have some gospel music that has been tagged as jazz, the Instinctiv player will actually believe you like jazz music. Then again, if most of your files are not tagged, Instinctiv will not be of much help to you as far as organizing them is concerned, because there is nothing for it to work with. However the application has a good album art aspect that downloads art for the music files you have and this is also based on the tags. You can also create playlist by a visual and easy system of drag and drop, instead of making you search through numerous files in very small windows.

The program also provides a tool for identifying music. With this tool, a file can be played into the microphone of the PC or phone and one can attempt to discover who did the song and what the song’s title is. It accomplishes this by comparing a recorded sample’s digital sound print against a database on the internet to find out if a match exists. One other superb feature Instinctiv has is SyncStream Smart Caching. With this feature, the program can automatically take hold of songs linked to the SyncStream account and the songs that best matches your preferences will be downloaded (based on how the system was used in the past). This will enable you access these songs easily any time you are on the go. Multiple file formats, over fifty of them are supported. .aac  and .mp3 files are some of the available formats that are supported, in addition to files protected by DRM such as iTunes music. This is another way Instinctiv is looking to the future, even as it attempts to position itself as the definitive detailed solution. Their success or failure will mainly depend on users testing the Alpha launch and providing them with feedback. You can help by checking out their website to discover things for yourself. Up to now, they provide support for Android, Mac OS, and Windows. Also, there is an OVI application and it is hoped that an iPhone application will soon be out to send music to your phone.

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