Keeping an Eye on What Your Kids Are Doing Online

There is little doubt as to the fact that the internet has been of immense benefit to everybody. Just like adults, children also depend on the Internet for their education, research activities as well as games and socialisation. Then again, not all that comes from the internet is fit for your child’s consumption.

There are a large number of parents who encounter persistent headaches regarding their children’s overindulgence in online activities. Snapshot Spy suggests that close to 24 million kids spend most of their time on the Internet. Out of this number, it is estimated that one-fifth receive inappropriate advances from over age strangers.

Adults should therefore take a proactive role in how kids use the internet. This does mean that they should be stopped from using it. There are less volatile ways of curtailing children’s online activities. One of these effective strategies is the use of online parenting software. These are technologies that enable you to monitor your kids online activities albeit secretly. In a clear scenario of using technology to fight technology, such software offers you several advantages.

For instance, you can check on the most browsed websites or applications. Children have a knack for smartness or innovation. They could choose to erase the history of their browsing session. Not to worry; you can even monitor their log records and downloaded content. Some software even allows you to monitor keyboard activity and access screenshots from the monitor.

Apart from the software, you can limit your children’s access to the internet through passwords. This is usually efficient when you have undertaken a wireless connection. With password protection, you can control the range of internet access to certain computers in the home. Furthermore, you can block certain websites with inappropriate content.

Granted, monitoring software and passwords will prevent your children from accessing unnecessary content. But, don’t forget that they can still access these sites from their Internet-enabled cell phones. The best way to avoid such a scenario is by educating them on the need for online safety and helping them to understand the ills of the Internet.

Also, remember to arm them with the basic dos and don’ts of internet usage. Education will provide them with the necessary weapons to tackle the dangers should they arise. One common example is to take the time to join them in an online activity. While at it, you can recommend some educative and entertaining websites to your kids that even you use. By doing this, you are leading by example—showing your kids what a productive browsing session ought to be.

While equipping your home with a fibre optic broadband or DSL Internet connection, you must also think about your kids welfare. Only 1 in every three households with internet connection protects their children from the dangers of unlimited online activity. Don’t be part of this group; your children’s safety depends on being aware of their online activities.

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