Making Effective Use of Keyword Match Types

Search engines depend on keyword match types to determine the exact closeness a visitor on search engines must use to a keyword phrase before showing your business in the search engine results. It is an effective way of filtering out the unrelated audience from viewing your ad and because of this only interested people are served with ads who are more likely to click through to your website. The number if clicks will decrease depending on how close you need your match to be which means fewer visitors. However, this is not essentially a bad thing because these visitors will be highly targeted.

The following are some of the different types of keyword matches that you can target:

* Broad Keyword Match – This keyword match type is the default and is automatically set up in Adwords. Therefore if you select the keyword phrase “yellow racing cars”, a searcher will be presented with your ad when he types in any of these words. This means, your website will appear in results when someone types “yellow”, “racing” or “cars”. And you might have already noted that this is not helpful and targeted.

* Broad Match Modifier – By using broad match modifier, you can laser target the keyword phrase and eliminate “yellow” and “racing” from the matches ¬†because these are individual words which are not targeted towards property. Therefore, your web property will be shown only when all of the words in a phrase or its different combinations are searched. This will produce more targeted information for the user too.

* Phrase Match – it is also possible for you to choose that your website should appear only if the visitor is typing the phrase in the search engine search field. This means that your site will appear in the search results or ads will be served if the user typed any phrase that also has the phrase “yellow racing cars” in it.

* Exact Match – And if you are targeting to the maximum possible precision, then you can choose to show your site only when the phrase is matched exactly. Therefore, the searcher will type in the exact phrase to trigger your ads.

* Negative Match – The keyword match type can be further modified by making use of negative words. These are those words which you would exclude for linking with your property and you would want that your site should not be shown when these words are typed by the searcher.

* Content Match – When search engines show results based on the actual content that is available on a web page. This is the reason that the title, ad text and tags are so important to have keywords in there because search engines will then be able to show your property, services and products based on the matching content.

The above are those keyword match types which are used by search engine connect the keywords that you bid on in your Adwords ads. By carefully refining your keyword match types, you can put a new life in to a non-performing ad campaign without ever changing the ad or eve the keywords themselves.

It is about thinking about the keyword matching structure and making use of negative keyword matches to decrease the ad views to a reasonable size which also would mean that only most qualified viewers  will be able to see your ad. One critical component of succeeding in marketing online is a carefully crafted keyword marketing strategy.

Irrespective of whether you are publishing keyword rich content on your website or investing dollars in buying PPC campaigns, the understanding of all this is a must to ensure that you spend your money effectively and you get optimum return on investment.

It is so essential that you have a thorough understanding of everything about effective use of keywords so that you get the most worth out of your spend dollars on marketing. Over a period of time, you will figure out what is working and what is not so working after testing out different techniques and witnessing success.

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