Which Keyword Suggestion Tool is Best

keyword suggestion toolIf you will start thinking of keywords related to your website, you will run out of ideas very quickly. And it is also a laborious task if you do this research manually. Why spend so much time thinking of what keywords are great for your website and what keywords you should write about on your website when you can use a keyword suggestion tool to get a continuous supply of laser focused keywords related to your website or blog.

By using  a keyword suggestion tool, you can take out the hard work out of the manual keyword research process and speed it up many times and at the same time ensuring a lot more higher reliability than that comes with manual research. This tool offers valid keyword suggestions which you can use to create content that multiplies your audience and increases the breadth and reach of your website.

So which is the best keyword suggestion tool that you should rely on? Before proceeding further, I would like to point out a minor difference between keyword research tools and keyword suggestion tools. If you start typing your search query in Google, you will see that Google suggests a number of auto-complete options. The keyword tools that scrape and give us these suggested keyword phrases are called keyword suggestion tools. Whereas, there are other tools which give a different kind of keywords which are based on criteria like local and global traffic for these.

The keywords suggested by even the best keyword suggestion tool will not give you an idea of what is the traffic potential for these suggested keywords and how many people are searching for information by typing these in the search engines.

The most popular and renowned keyword suggestion tool is Ubersuggest. This is a free tool. You just type in your seed keyword or base keyword and it will scrape and give you all the Google Suggest queries for that keyword which you can download and get a lot of ideas about keyword content. The drawback, as i already said, is that there is no related traffic data available. And for that you will have to turn to other keyword tools like Keyword Planner by Google Adwords, Semrush or Moz etc. Another popular keyword suggestion tool is KeywordTool.io

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