Which Keyword Tools are Best to Support Niche Marketing Needs

Keyword tools are essential for all internet marketers for making use of but there are certain issues with almost all of these. A niche marketer relies a great deal on keyword tools to hunt the perfect phrases and keywords that can take his or her internet marketing campaign miles ahead of the competition. 

When it comes to keyword tools, there are basically three tiers – free, affordable range and the expensive ones. Which of these are worthy of your time and investment and of course price if it is applicable? The biggest problem with free keyword tools is that these are generally short lived and you run into problems with these soon. 


The current business model is that people release free keyword tools as part of internet marketing campaigns to make these viral and when people start using these in big numbers, they stop supporting these  which essentially makes these obsolete and outdated. However, the free keyword tools of bigger brands like Google and Bing have better staying duration and these have been around for many years. 

Next comes those keyword tools which are affordable – price range being just right to kick-start the internet marketing campaigns. These are generally marketed as a package with the option to upgrade to an expensive version or tier later on. 

A good example is WordTracker. This is a keyword tool which has been in business for many years now and is the backbone of online campaigns of many marketers. A free trial of this tool is available and many different paid levels of services are available. 

WordTracker offers two types of access. Either you can get a monthly subscription of the keyword database or alternatively you can get the annual subscription. There are other keyword tools who restrict the better quality of information for only top tier of packages. 

Another popular and top keyword tool is Spyfu which is used by many marketers. With a free trial subscription you can easily get a sneak peek into the system and more detailed and advanced analytics is available with paid subscription. 

The free trial gives you access to top ten results while with paid subscription you get access to unlimited results. There are other perks also tied to paid access. For example the information like number of ads, cost per click and search results become available with paid subscription of Spyfu. 

More internet marketers have gauged the importance of hopping on to keyword discovery road. With the advanced keyword tools you get the basic keyword research as well as other value added options like seasonal search trends, spelling mistake data, density analysis, KEI and a lot many other things. Such tools also are generally three tiered based – free, standard version and professional. As the tiers level are raised, the benefit and results to be achieved from the tools are also enhanced in quality and quantity. 

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